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Crystal Clear

By Shelby Tuttle

The use of crystals to enhance human well-being dates back thousands of years, although historians debate the exact origin of the practice. While many sources reference the ancient Sumerians, others cite ancient Egyptian or Greek cultures. Used for a variety of purposes from desiring protection from evil spirits to healing physical illness or ailments, crystals have a curious and somewhat profound place in various civilizations throughout history. Today’s use of crystals, however, focuses primarily on the effects that various crystals have on our energy or vibrational frequency.

For those who question whether or not a crystal can actually impact our energetic field, consider that humans are comprised of energy and mass. Additionally, we must consider the laws of thermodynamics: first, that energy cannot be created or destroyed — it simply changes from one form to another. And second, we must also examine whether
or not a system is open or closed. While the universe is a closed system, human beings are considered open — meaning that we exchange both matter and energy with our surrounding environment. At any given time, our energy — or vibration — can be easily influenced by that of other human beings and their vibrational frequency. We are impacted by our environment and what is happening in the world around us, thus affecting our energy either positively or negatively.

Additionally, research shows that crystals have their own vibrational signatures. According to research from the National Science Foundation, the NASA Astrobiology Institute, and UCLA, “atomic motions in molecules and crystals are organized into vibrational modes. Large-wavelength crystal vibrations are routinely measured by infrared and Raman spectroscopy, while shorter wavelength vibrations can usually only be examined with more difficult neutron- or x-ray-scattering techniques.” As such, it’s worth considering that a crystal’s unique vibration can influence the human body and its energetic frequency.

While there are technically 114 chakras in the human body, seven located along the spine are considered to be the major chakras that many acupressurists, acupuncturists, and reflexologists use for modern-day bodywork and healing. If you’re new to chakras, they are the body’s energetic centers and are individually aligned with various organs and functions of the body, spirit, and mind. Working from your feet upward, you’ll find the seven major chakras — the first being your root chakra (base of the spine), followed by the sacral (just above the pelvic bone), solar plexus (just below the sternum), heart (mid-chest),
throat (mid-neck), third eye (center of the forehead), and crown (top of the head).

Each chakra has a different vibrational frequency, the lowest residing in your root and the highest at the crown. Each chakra can be stimulated by crystals containing vibrations or frequencies that resonate with it, thus rebalancing the energies associated with it. Often, the color of the crystal comes into consideration — this is because colors contain light frequencies that can impact the body’s energy and vibration, as well.

And while there are many crystals used for different chakras and purposes, leveraging their benefits throughout the day can be difficult without the ability to carry them close to our bodies. Jewelry helps us to receive the many benefits of crystals while moving throughout life and encountering different energies and situations. In Arizona, we have dozens of amazing jewelry designers whose pieces incorporate beautiful crystals from all over the globe. Here is a sampling of some very talented local artists.

Known for creating exceptionally gorgeous malas, Scottsdale’s Logan Mauldin of Silver & Sage grew up traveling to Mexico with her jewelry designer mother, learning not only about the art of entrepreneurship but also the power of human connection. Through her various journeys to visit silversmiths in Taxco, she learned that although the world is vast and its people and cultures different in many ways, we are rooted in the same goodness and need for love and connection. A devoted yoga practitioner in her adulthood, Mauldin has established a devoted following among both the yoga and fashion communities who proudly wear her malas draped over their necks or wrapped over their wrists as multilayer bracelets. A tool used among meditation practitioners for centuries, malas are made up of 108 beads (plus one guru bead) – a number that has been long considered sacred in Hinduism and other religions and spiritual traditions. Mauldin’s are made from a variety of natural stones to help support the wearer on their particular journey or current path and to remind them of their intention. www.silverandsagejewelry.com

Inspired in 2010 by a desire to live her life with intention, Valley resident Ashley Johns gave birth to her jewelry company using a simple mantra used to steady herself when faced with obstacles on her journey: Fierce Forward. Johns began using crystals as a way to support her personal healing and growth, and through her desire to inspire and help others, began incorporating the stones into her designs. Fierce Forward’s collection includes not only stunning bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, but also a lifestyle and decor line featuring gemstone chakra hangers and sun catchers, along with ceramic jewelry trays, crystal wine stoppers, and more. www.fierceforward.com

Fierce Forward

Founded by sisters Amy Rhodes and Holly Rhodes Farr as a way to share their creativity with the world, the pair launched the Rhodes & Co. shop on Etsy in 2021. Holly is the creator of cozy crocheted goods, while Amy designs beautiful crystal and gemstone jewelry. Metalsmithing and lapidary work run in the Rhodes family, as does a history of mining and panning for minerals, which imparted knowledge of the industry and a curiosity around crystals for Amy at a young age. As a team, the duo strives to be a part of their customers’ healing journeys, assisting those who are working to uplift the collective consciousness of the planet through their designs. Rhodes & Co. designs can also be found at The Portal in Scottsdale, the Sidewalk Saturday Market at The Churchill and the Buddha Bella Bazaar.

Rhodes and Co

Located inside Palette Collective in Chandler, Buddha Blossom Jewels was started by Amy Fernandez in 2014. A former pharmaceutical sales rep, Fernandez’s love for and use of crystals in her own life slowly evolved into her very own business after demand for pieces that she made for herself became popular among co-workers and friends. She strives to source and share quality, genuine crystals that are ethically sourced from
as many local Arizona mines as possible, using her creativity and heart to turn them into wearable jewelry with meaning. Her crystals that come from outside of the state or country are conflict-free. She also uses a variety of salvaged metals and strives to lessen her company’s environmental impact through upcycling and recycling throughout all steps in the production of her pieces. www.buddhablossomjewels.com

Buddha Blossom Jewels

Header photo credit: Silver and Sage Jewelry

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