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Creativity Redefined: FOUND:RE Hotel

FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel in downtown offers guests a sense of awe and wonder with its art, amenities, and hospitality. With an incredible eye to detail, even the room numbers are custom-designed!

Situated in the center of downtown Phoenix is FOUND:RE Hotel – a creative and sustainable masterpiece amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. A glance at its exterior and the bright six-story installation lit with images of local art on the building’s Southside gives visitors a sense of the brand’s creative spirit and imagination that awaits inside.

“FOUND:RE creates a sense of community and invokes a sense of wonder for every guest at FOUND:RE Phoenix,” said Chris Genung, the hotel’s general manager. He describes FOUND:RE as “an art boutique hotel with details, designs, public spaces, and amenities inspired by local contemporary art, culture, fashion, and music.”

The property’s uniquely creative vibe is well curated, from its name to its design and offerings. According to the hotel’s website, FOUND:RE takes its name from the word “found” and the abbreviation “re” (short for “in reference to”) merged together, while also sounding like the word “foundry” – a place of new ideas and metal work. The expertise and influence of designers and artists inform the creativity, ingenuity, and finery in every one of the 104 guest rooms. Loft-like spaces evoke a sky’s-the-limit feeling and are punctuated by bold chandeliers, neon lighting choices, and impressive interior composition.

“The guest rooms and suites offer an original blend of well-wrought design and welcoming gravitas; think concrete floors, exposed ceiling, and floating beds,” said Genung. “The hotel has unexpected amenities like custom-designed room numbers by local artist Cheryl Marine.”

Strong iron components, bold colors, and accented lighting run throughout the hotel, invigorating guests and visitors. Jordan Zurn, FOUND:RE’s art & culture curator, brings together creative elements and notable works to create a stunning visual experience for guests to enjoy.

“The entire hotel acts as a large gallery with multiple art spaces and experiences sprinkled throughout,” said Genung. Part of a three-year partnership with Valley creatives, the Embedded Art Program ensures a platform for local artists to showcase their work. Myriad forms of art are appreciated here – including film and fashion – highlighting the diversity of the Phoenix metro area and of Arizona.

The FOUND:RE Contemporary is the hotel’s ever-changing showcase space—“the soul of FOUND:RE Phoenix,” explains Genung –  which, in partnership with Artlink, connects guests to the heart of Phoenix’s art scene. Located to the west of the hotel itself, the Contemporary sits within the lively art district of Roosevelt Row. “FOUND:RE Contemporary is a premier commercial gallery space in the heart of downtown Phoenix,” said Genung. Highlighting the work of both well-known and up-and-coming artists, the art found here is always evolving, matching the transient energy of guests coming and going from all walks of life.

Bimonthly events draw in visitors to exhibitions, shows, and other happenings across the property’s three galleries, event spaces, lounge, muraled walls, and more. Each four-month period brings a new selection of art. 

The latest sustainable exhibition at FOUND:RE Contemporary is “Talking Trash: A Junk Art Exhibition,” showcasing the beauty of transformation — taking trash and turning it into brilliant pieces of work. Running through October 1, 2022, the works of Shari Keith and Claire Ploppet Johnson take viewers on a visual journey into sustainability achieved through creative activity. Keith, known as “the Junk Lady,” creates art pieces from found objects, while Ploppet Johnson discovers broken items and gives them new life through her creations. Together, the two artists prove that art can be formed from just about anything.

Supporting Arizona is of the utmost importance to FOUND:RE Phoenix. “80% of everything in the hotel was made locally and with recycled textiles and metal works,” said Genung. This includes products from nearby businesses, the work of artists from the Grand Canyon State, culinary components including close-to-home ingredients, and much more. Visit www.foundrehotels.com and www.foundrecontemporary.com/ for more information.


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