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COS April 2022 Celebrate The Outdoors

The Rock Star Gallery brings earth, water, fire and light together creating living art to grace your most treasured spaces. Owner, Ryan Steffens creates one-of-a-kind stone infinity fountains for gardens, homes and public spaces. Their innovative stone décor is in synchronicity with nature’s beauty. Their designs are 100% handcrafted off the beaten path in the heart of New Mexico using rare, high-quality stones to enhance landscapes and interiors. Pictured is the Sunrise Onyx Infinity Fountain. For information  https://www.therockstargallery.com

Three friends decided to combine their skills to create a company that reflected their shared values of craftsmanship, sustainability and connection. While designing Neighbor’s outdoor furniture, it was essential that they found durable, weather-resistant materials that didn’t sacrifice beauty or feel. While there was a world of potential materials to choose from, finding something that wouldn’t harm the environment was their priority. Visit their showroom at 515 E Grant Street, Phoenix, AZ. For more info,  www.hineighbor.com

This eco-friendly solar lantern combines sophisticated style and leading-edge lighting functionality. Featuring a hand-punched, diamond motif and a globe design made of durable, weather-resistant material, it adds year-round flair to your outdoor space. At dusk, built-in sensors activate the lantern’s LEDs, casting captivating light patterns. Handmade from super durable, custom-painted Tyvek® in Bronze, Copper, or Ink with a punched pattern. Available at Pottery Barn www.potterybarn.com

Cosanti Originals bronze windbells are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans in the same time-honored tradition introduced by architect and artist Paolo Soleri in the early 1960s. Featuring vibrant colors, organic textures, and design motifs that vary from piece to piece and artisan to artisan, each one is a true “original.” Cosanti Originals bronze windbells are made in a variety of sizes, complement both indoor and outdoor spaces, and come in a glossy, iridescent burnished finish as well as a matte verdigris patina. Visit www.cosanti.com

Invite the birds in your neighborhood to stay awhile with this stylish teardrop feeder. Constructed with durable copper and a fly-thru hole, birds can easily perch while they enjoy a snack. The clear design also allows you to see when it’s time to refill the seeds, which can easily be replenished by opening the side panel. Setting up bird feeders is an easy way to support local pollinators and interact with nature. These birds will return the favor and provide some natural insect control for your garden!

Available for $129 at www.potterybarn.com


These colorful succulents are an ideal option for Arizona gardens. Since they are native to our landscape, they are naturally drought-resistant and acclimated to the desert climate. This means that their care requires less resources, such as the amount of water required. They can also be used as houseplants to bring nature indoors and compliment any decorative aesthetic. This collection comes with six hand-selected succulents varying in color, texture and shape.

Available for $39.98 at www.lowes.com 




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