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Copenhagen Imports Raises $90,000 to Benefit Local Food Banks

Copenhagen Imports is proud to announce that they have met their donation goal for the 2023 Charity Food Drive. Companywide, $90,000 – equating to 495,000 meals – was donated to local food banks in Arizona and Texas to assist in their fight to combat hunger and food insecurity. 

Of the $90,000 total, $30,000 – amounting to 150,000 meals – went to St. Mary’s Food Bank, based in Phoenix. The San Antonio Food Bank and the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank received $15,000, equating to 105,000 meals each. The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in Tucson also received $15,000, equating to 75,000 meals. In Austin, the Central Texas Food Bank’s $15,000 donation will provide one month’s worth of groceries to 1,500 people in Central Texas. 

From April 1 to 23, Copenhagen donated 5% of gross sales to these five food banks to reach the fundraising goal, as well as offered a 5% discount on merchandise to encourage sales. Customers and employees were also encouraged to give food and monetary contributions to support hunger relief in their communities. As a result, over 700 pounds of food and over $700 of funds were donated across all seven store locations. 

This was the first year Copenhagen held a special prize drawing for individuals who donated either food or funds. One lucky donor at each showroom location won a Stressless® Consul Chair and Ottoman.

Additionally, groups of employees at three Copenhagen locations went the extra mile and volunteered at their local food banks. Phoenix and San Antonio employees sorted donations and packed food boxes in the warehouses at St Mary’s Food Bank and the San Antonio Food Bank. In Tucson, Copenhagen employees helped clear and replant garden plots – as well as sift compost – at the Las Milpitas Community Farm & Garden, owned and operated by the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. 

Jacki McKee, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Copenhagen, says, “I support several charities including St. Mary’s Food Bank on a personal level, but last year was the first time I ever volunteered to help sort donations. It was a great feeling, and I was delighted to do it again this year!” 

As a family-owned and -operated company since 1970, Copenhagen Imports has a longstanding history of, and commitment to, community involvement. Each year, Copenhagen works with local organizations in Arizona and Texas to advance charitable causes – from fighting food and housing insecurity to championing the wellbeing of children and pets. In the past two years, Copenhagen has raised a total of $190,000 for community food banks through their spring Charity Food Drive, as well as holding additional charity promotions for hunger relief during the holiday season. 

McKee reiterates, “I am proud to work for a company that works with and supports our local communities.  We are a retail furniture store that imports our products from all over the world, but we never lose sight of those in our immediate community.”

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