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Cool Outrageous Stuff – May 2024

By Anna Dorl

Nearly everything we do and product we consume can have an impact on the environment and travel is no exception. Making a few careful considerations when packing for a short road trip or a months-long adventure can be the difference between reducing or increasing your eco-footprint on on the planet. Simply making a few careful decisions about what goes in your suitcase — or even what it’s made of —can be the difference between protecting the planet and polluting it. Here are some unique brands to consider when embarking on your travels this summer.


Soap Travel Tin by UpCircle

Certified B-Corporation UpCircle has been celebrated for its sustainable skincare products, including the company’s natural cleansing bars. Whether you’re packing a special soap, shampoo, or conditioner bar (or all of the above) on your next adventure, UpCircle’s Soap Travel Tin can come in handy. The product includes a drainage tray that allows water to fall through its small holes as your soap bar dries out after it leaves your shower or sink. The tin is constructed from aluminum “to stay rust-free,” making it fully free from plastic – it even comes in a cardboard box. This item is a must-have if you’re tired of soapy water splashing onto your souvenirs. www.us.upcirclebeauty.com


Packing Cube Quad by Paravel

These packing cubes were created to fit perfectly inside of Paravel carry-on luggage, but their versatility allows buyers to use them for travel, home, and even work. Paravel’s Packing Cube Quad is four differently sized cubes (one large, one medium, and two small). A pack of four cubes is available in seven colors, and they are also customizable with space for a monogram or three letters. The packing cubes themselves are created from “[Paravel’s] lightweight, water-resistant Negative Nylon®… made from 16 recycled plastic bottles.” In a world where you can buy essentially any packing cubes, why not purchase a type that utilizes recycled materials, instead of adding more waste to a landfill? www.tourparavel.com


Sustainable Travel Set – Toiletry Bag and Duffle Bag by Terra Thread

Toiletry bags and duffle bags can be expensive to buy separately, especially if you’re trying to purchase quality products that don’t leave a negative dent in our planet. Terra Thread really lives up to its name, as an Earth-centered company that sells an array of consciously created bags and beanies. This Sustainable Travel Set includes Terra Thread’s Toiletry and Duffle bags. Both pieces are created from certified Fair Trade organic cotton in a Fair Trade Certified factory with lead-free metal features. The dynamic bag duo is additionally GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, as are all of Terra Thread’s portable pieces. www.terrathread.com


The Original Essential Travel Bottle by Ries

When it’s time to go on a trip, many of us run to the nearest travel section of whatever store we’re in and pick up a couple of cheap, TSA-approved mini bottles. What if there were a better option than continually buying mass-produced plastic? The Original Essential Travel Bottle from Ries might be the solution that you’re seeking. This 3.4-ounce container, made from medical-grade PCR (a recycled plastic resin), is the perfect size for airplane travel. Its patented airless pump allows users to access their beauty products within, like a favorite face lotion or your #1 shampoo. Whatever you might keep inside, for travel and/or day-to-day living, reuse The Original Essential Travel Bottle until it’s ready to be recycled. www.ries-ries.com


LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

For the eco-conscious traveler, a water filter bottle is an essential that not only helps you kick the single-use plastic bottle habit but also filters out 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, and other nasty things lurking in your water. If you’re traveling to a third-world country or even filling up from a river or stream when hiking or camping, this water bottle will definitely come in clutch, keeping you safe and hydrated on your outdoor adventures. www.lifestraw.com


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