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Cool Outrageous Stuff

by Anna Dorl


biom All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes Starter Kit 

Looking for a more earth-friendly way to wipe away germs from surfaces? biom sells a selection of Earth-friendly wipes – All-Purpose, Flushable, and Sanitizing – including kits and refills to keep up the cleanliness. The All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes Starter Kit is described by biom as “our top-selling ‘everything wipe.’ Safe and effective on both skin and surfaces.” The kit’s refillable BPA-free dispenser is available in eight colors. Choose from unscented or scented wipes (Lavender Ease, Grapefruit Zest, or Santal Natura) – they’re also biodegradable, plant-based, and made with aloe. As a Certified Plastic Neutral™ company through a rePurpose Global partnership, biom’s dedication to helping the planet runs deep. www.getbiom.co/


Suri Sustainable Electric Toothbrush

This eco-conscious choice works towards whiter teeth and a greener Earth. The persistence of plastic in toothbrushes isn’t just found in many manual ones, but many electric toothbrushes as well. Enter Suri’s Sustainable Electric Toothbrush, with a battery body formed from aluminum and recyclable, plant-based toothbrush heads created from cornstarch. The toothbrush’s battery lasts for 40 days and can clean your teeth in two modes (Clean and Polish). Choose from four colors and a UV case add-on option; all toothbrushes come with a USB charging stand and a magnetic mirror mount. Suri even offers a prepaid mailer for customers to send back used toothbrush heads for free recycling. www.trysuri.com/ 


Cleanomic Compostable* Zip Bags

Packing lunch or snacks in reusable zip/fold bags might leave a mess for users to clean when they get to the nearest sink, or worse – when they get home later. Compostable bags, like the multiple options sold by Cleanomic, offer a low-waste solution that can be composted “in a commercial facility.” Cleanomic’s Compostable* Zip Bags come in multiple size options (gallon, quart, and sandwich). These strong, resealable sacks are a soft green color and arrive in a plastic-free container. The Zip Bags are proudly BPA free, BPI Certified Commercially Compostable, suitable to put in the freezer, and of course, food safe. www.cleanomic.com/


SmartLifeco Biodegradable Dental Floss Picks

The convenience of individual flossers can’t be beat, but daily use requires users to throw away one piece of plastic every day. Lend a hand in helping the Earth by switching to something that doesn’t stick around on the planet as long. SmartLifeco’s Biodegradable Dental Floss Picks are available in Mint, Charcoal, and Unflavored, with purchase and subscription options. Each bag of floss picks holds 50 pieces, and each flosser has a toothpick end and a straw wheat handle (though they’re gluten free). These pristine picks are also cruelty free, vegan, and comfortable for hands to hold. www.smartlifeco.com


The Clean Essentials Starter Kit by Blueland

One of Blueland’s bestsellers, The Clean Essentials starter kit gives buyers the chance to bring home multiple beloved products in one bundle. Its four items inside truly have the Earth in mind: Blueland’s Foaming Hand Soap, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, and Glass + Mirror Cleaner. These products boast clean ingredients and eco-friendly certifications. The Clean Essentials kit comes with one Forever Bottle and one Refill Tablet per cleaning product. To use, blueland.com explains: “FILL your forever bottle with warm water to the half round, DROP in a tablet, let it dissolve, and put on the nozzle or pump, and CLEAN your hands and home.” www.blueland.com


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