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Cool Outrageous Stuff

By Jordan Gerard


This One’s for the Ladies

Check out Green Living’s list of our staff’s favorite items that enhance their everyday lives as women, as well as one that we’re excited to keep an eye on for the future.


Nurse Jamie TriAngle Facial Beauty Tool

This handheld facial tool has Hollywood celebs raving. Nurse Jamie’s TriAngle Facial Tool is a perfect fit for your morning wake-up or night-time skin care routines and is best used after you’ve applied your serums and moisturizers. The tool is uniquely contoured on all sides to fit your cheekbones, jawline, neck, brows, eye area, and lips. The sonic massaging motion helps your skin to absorb your products better and even includes an optional heat setting. The tool beeps after one minute, letting you know when to switch sides or move to another area. Reviewers say it smooths fine lines and adds firmness to their skin. 



Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

It’s a product you hope you never need to use, but – since one in three women will experience assault in their lifetime, according to the World Health Organization – this little device is worth the price. The personal safety alarm called Birdie has a mission of keeping women safe. On the market now for a few years, the company has recently debuted Birdie Plus, which has several additional features. These include an on-call 24/7 representative who is available to call clients with an “excuse-to-leave call” for a discrete way to exit an awkward or potentially dangerous situation. The rep will stay on the phone until you feel safe or dispatch first responders to your location. Additionally, the service includes location sharing, Bluetooth and GPS settings, and an IOS/Android app (which requires a monthly subscription). The device comes with a brass keychain to allow easy attachment to a purse or jacket. When the top is pulled off, a loud siren sounds at 130 decibels, or equivalent to a jet flying 400 ft. over your head, according to one review. The device is also allowed for travel, whereas other types of personal protection devices are not. Birdie was started by two sisters who were alarmed at the rate of violence against women. From every purchase, a percentage of profits goes to partner organizations that support women’s safety, shelter, and health.


Clue Period-Tracking App

One of the most popular period and ovulation trackers to hit the FemTech scene is Clue. The highly rated app not only tracks your monthly cycle, but its highly targeted algorithms also record and track detect patterns in your cycle to offer predictions for the month ahead. There are 30 different tracking options that help figure out how your cycle affects things like your mood, skin, energy levels, and more. It also features Clue Pregnancy Mode to follow progress from conception to six weeks postpartum. The app also comes with over 450 science-based articles for your reading and education enjoyment. So far, 11 million people have used the app. Clue’s co-CEOs are dedicated to protecting the data entered by users.



Kinder Beauty Box

Monthly gift boxes are fun, so why not get one that’s good for you and also great for the planet? The Kinder Beauty Box supplies women with full-sized products from smaller companies that are vegan, clean, and free from animal testing. At just $23 a month, boxes include skin care, hair care, body care, and makeup essentials. The company also aims to be as sustainable as possible, utilizing boxes and packaging that are made from 100% recycled materials and that are also biodegradable and compostable. Kinder Beauty uses a soy-based ink to print the design. A portion of each box’s proceeds go to various animal rights and environmental causes every month.



Evie Ring

Looking for a way to track your overall health? Evie Ring by Movano has a solution coming in Summer 2023. Although still pending FDA approval, this technology innovation aims to be the first medical grade health tracker designed for women. A wearable ring that adjusts to your ring size, Evie tracks sleep cycles, periods, and activity levels. It starts with a baseline understanding and then identifies patterns in behaviors and health as it’s worn. Any woman at any age can use the ring. Movano, a personal health company, is seeking FDA approval for the product in order to classify it as a medical device, something no similar wearable on the market has achieved. The company has conducted clinical trials with the University of California in San Francisco, though the data has not been published or peer-reviewed yet. Studies did show the ring was equally accurate at measuring heart rate and blood oxygen levels on light and dark skin. Evie Ring also protects its users’ data, and –  if it’s granted FDA approval – would be subject to HIPAA standards.



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