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Sustainable Suggestions for an Eco-friendly Home 

As we become increasingly conscious of our environmental impact, we may notice more and more how seemingly small decisions can affect our eco-friendliness. Green Living, along with Copenhagen, highlights the importance and easy ways to have an eco-friendly home.

For many, trying to live a sustainable life includes using alternative modes of transportation, limiting single-use plastics, and eating more plant-based meals. 

Implementing environmentally friendly practices at home can also have a big impact – and it’s a good place to start for those needing support in their everyday activities. Focus on designing your home to support sustainable practices and incorporate environmentally friendly materials.

Furniture Longevity & Multi-functionality 

Help mitigate waste and overuse of resources by consciously choosing well-crafted, high-quality furniture that’s built to last or serve multiple purposes. Interior design trends can change frequently or with the season, so investing in timeless, functional designs is one way to ensure that your furniture can evolve with your lifestyle needs, reducing your carbon footprint by needing less furniture.

While “fast fashion” is becoming a common term, the lesser known home version is “fast furniture.” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines durable goods as products that have a lifetime of three or more years. 

In its study, the agency concluded that municipal solid waste (MSW) increased to 12.1 million tons in 2018, up from 2.2 million tons in 1960. Wood was the most common category, while plastic, glass, textiles and other materials trailed behind.

Courtesy of Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s featured products: Jazz Storage Ottoman, Cloud 9 Coffee Table, Reno Chair & Ottoman

Supportive Organization 

Organizing your home can help reduce stress, clutter, and even your environmental impact – the key is to cultivate furniture that supports organization and your eco-conscious goals. Use furniture with shelves, cabinets, or drawers for storing everyday items, instead of forgotten clutter, and designate a space for donation items that you can clearly see.

Courtesy of Copenhagen

If your console table is currently sitting in a hallway unused, consider placing it by your front door and using it to store plastic or reusable bags as you do your everyday shopping. Having these items close to your exit will encourage you to utilize them more and remind you to store any new bags you bring home instead of throwing them in the trash.

Copenhagen’s featured products: Interval Console, Nani Sideboard, Stiletto Shelf

Energy-efficient Lighting 

Being conscious of the right kind of lighting can change the feel and ambiance of a room and accent or complement your furniture and décor. Using LED lamps, accessorizing with reflective surfaces, and rethinking your paint colors can all help lower light pollution and increase energy efficiency.

A study by the journal Building and Environment said natural lighting impacts perceptions of happiness and sadness depending on the amount of daylight that enters a home. It also said implementing natural light improves emotional well being.

According to the Department of Energy, LEDs use 90% less energy and last 25 times longer than a traditional lightbulb. 

Courtesy of Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s featured products: Circa Floor Lamp, Edge Mirror, Bellami Queen Bed

Furniture Material 

Toxic materials and wasteful manufacturing have a big impact on our environment. The good news is that creating sustainable furniture has become more of a priority for manufacturers – and it’s now easier than ever for you to find furniture responsibly sourced and made from renewable materials.

Sustainable furniture goes beyond good looks and comfort. It’s made from sustainable materials in a sustainable manufacturing process, including the considerations of working conditions.

Copenhagen’s featured products: Gabriel High Chest, Juno Dining Table

Courtesy of Copenhagen

Also check out: Skovby wood and environmental sustainability and Bamboo manufacturing by Greenington.

Read more about conscious green living in your own home in our Home section.


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