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CIVANA’s Chopra Whole Health Retreat Is A Playground for Wellness

Deepak Chopra's teachings are brought to life at the wellness resort

Deepak Chopra is on a mission to make consciousness accessible to the masses—one billion people, to be more precise. And through Chopra Global, the iconic meditation mogul is doing just that, with one of the brand’s latest (and arguably most impressive feats) involving the launch of the Chopra Whole Health Retreat—an all-encompassing wellness program that’s hosted at CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa.

Pulling inspiration from Chopra’s best-selling book, Perfect Health, the Carefree-based resort partnered with Chopra Global on this program, with the hopes of helping people to address their personal struggles through a more emotional and spiritual-based approach.

“Chopra Global had been operating [wellness] programming at our own physical center for almost 25 years. And about two years ago, we realized it was time to move from the property where we were at—which at the time, was a little bittersweet. But we knew that we wanted to move into a more expansive opportunity where we could bring our unique perspective… to various amounts of properties and create an exponential influence,” says Jaime Rabin, vice president of partnerships at Chopra Global.

Photo courtesy of Chopra Global.

CIVANA has long boasted a notable reputation for curating world-renowned personalized wellness experiences through its four identity pillars of movement, spa, nourishment, and discovery. So, when the opportunity arose to translate Chopra Global’s work to a more concrete environment, the resort—and its aligning values—seemed to be the perfect fit.

“We basically took everything that we had been doing and learned and experienced, and then brought that programming to CIVANA, coupled with their amazing hospitality, associates, property, and wellness experience—and together, it’s just been an amazing synergy,” says Rabin.

Photo courtesy Chopra Global.

Hosted twice each month at the resort, the Chopra Whole Health Retreat taps into the calming properties of the surrounding Sonoran Desert, all while teaching the centuries-old healing method of Ayurveda.

“Everything we do at Chopra Global is based on these foundational teachings from meditation and Ayurveda—which is a traditional healing system first described in India, but it’s a very complete system for healing that incorporates mind, body, spirit, systems biology and it’s personalized,” says Sheila Patel, MD, chief medical officer at Chopra Global. “Prior to my work with Chopra Global, I came from Western medical training, where you have this vision of what saving a life looks like. But we see people at CIVANA, who, after a week of really experiencing this form of healing, will often say to us, ‘Thank you for saving my life.’ It’s just this wake-up call to [understanding that] it’s not just about the physical body and treating disease, it’s about really helping people to thrive. And it’s amazing what can happen here after only a few days.”

Photo courtesy Chopra Global.

The program includes a five-night stay at CIVANA; 14 locally sourced, vegan meals; four days of customized spa experiences; twice daily meditation and yoga, along with access to a number of other spa amenities; a personal Primordial Sound Meditation Mantra; daily Whole Health educational classes; a personalized health consultation and lifestyle recommendations; and free access to the Primordial Sound Meditation Master class.

Additionally, resort guests can choose additional Chopra Global spa and restaurant offerings, including the 60-minute Revive to Thrive Spa Treatment that uses a combination of Ayurvedic techniques to reinvigorate the body through everything from dry-glove exfoliation to marma point therapy; the 60-minute Pure Radiance Facial, which features a customized aromatherapy blend and face mask; and also, the chance to indulge in the Vadouvan Kitchari Bowl—a cleansing meal composed of ingredients like slow-cooked brown rice, white lentils, and dairy-free coconut yogurt raita, among others, that’s designed to “warm clients from the inside out.”

Photo courtesy Chopra Global.

While the Chopra Whole Health Retreat takes place over the course of only a few days, the practices and teachings within the program are taught through a longevity- focused approach, with the hope that attendees will be able to carry their mindfulness education beyond the space at CIVANA.

“One of the intentions is that people would come and learn these [wellness] practices so that they could do them in their day-to-day lives to continue the healing process on a daily basis,” says Rabin. “Guests come in on the first day and kind of immediately dive into this immersion which involves meditation, yoga, cleansing food, daily massages, journaling, and emotional release practices. A lot of people go through the program, and by the last day, they’re moving easier, they’re experiencing less pain, they’re learning to be flexible in their mind. And suddenly, they start to have a very different perspective on a lot of the experiences in their lives.”

Photo courtesy Chopra Global.

The program showcases the beginning of an especially unique partnership, and for the first time, 25 years of Deepak Chopra’s teachings are brought to a wellness resort through the Chopra Whole Health Retreat.

“This will always be a very unique and special partnership with CIVANA, and I don’t know that we will do this exact signature programming elsewhere. We are actively looking for new partnerships with aligned wellness properties,” says Rabin. “With Deepak’s mission to reach a billion people with a message of consciousness, we can’t just stay at one place. We want to bring in different types of people to different locations and make it [the experience] accessible. So, we definitely see that element propagating and hope to bring his messages to so many more people.”

Photo courtesy Chopra Global.

For more information on the Chopra Global Health Retreat and partnership, visit www.chopra.com/wholehealth. And read Green Living‘s exclusive conversation with Deepak Chopra, here.

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