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Amazing (Green) Avondale

Discover where you can drink beer to help feed farm animals, dine at a one of a kind farm-to-table cafe, and watch robots grow tomatoes. The City of Avondale in the West Valley has plenty to offer eco-conscious foodies, beer lovers, mom-and-pop shoppers, and much more. If you are looking to reduce your own environmental footprint, supporting businesses that operate more sustainably is a great option – and we’ve got your guide right here!

In Avondale, local businesses are encouraged to green their operations and are recognized for their efforts through the city’s Green Business Program. To achieve certification, businesses must demonstrate that they have implemented practices to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and prevent pollution. Certified businesses have adopted water-wise landscaping and low-flow water fixtures, switched to energy-efficient LED lighting, upgraded to EnergyStar appliances, installed rooftop solar panels, sourced supplies locally and regionally, and created products from recycled materials.  So the next time you want to enjoy a delicious meal or fresh-brewed ale, exciting entertainment, top notch services, or relaxing hotel stays, consider supporting Avondale’s Green Businesses. 

Here, a peek at a few of the most innovative and sustainable businesses in the city! Check out the map on the next page for a full list of Certified Green Businesses in Avondale. For more information about the Green Business Program, visit www.avonaleaz.gov/greenbusiness

8-Bit Aleworks

This craft microbrewery has a retro-gaming theme and is packed with creative sustainability solutions. Husband and wife duo Ryan and Krystina Whitten have found responsible ways to reuse water and to repurpose defective cans into functional merchandise (hello, sweet coasters!). They even feed farm animals:  once the beer-making grain has worked its magic, it is given free to farmers to provide nutritious food for goats and pigs. Now that’s a worthwhile cause to which we should all raise a glass! www.8-bitaleworks.com 

City of Avondale
8-Bit Aleworks offers arcade games and craft brews.

Coldwater Coffeehouse and Bakery

This farm-to-table café has its roots in Old Town Avondale and is cooperatively owned by community residents. Have a seat in upcycled classroom chairs and gaze out at the backyard farm that helped make your mouth-watering meal possible. Rest assured that any food scraps are composted and used onsite. The building was originally a farmhouse and has been lovingly renovated to increase energy efficiency and customer comfort. One stop here, and you’ll see why this gem was named 2022 Green Business of the Year by the City of Avondale. Check them out on Facebook!

Visit Coldwater Coffeehouse and Bakery for some of the best morning treats!


This high-tech vertical farming operation looks like the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies. Growing multiple plants vertically allows this business to produce up to 250x more plants per acre than conventional farming, and a sophisticated aeroponic system can grow crops using 99% less water – important advancements in our urban desert environment. The system uses artificial intelligence to analyze the health of every plant, every day. Want to taste it for yourself? Become a member and pick what you want to have grown  –  you’ll receive a fresh harvest delivered every two weeks. www.onepointone.com

City of Avondale
Lettuce farming in a modern hydroponic vertical farm which uses only 1% of water a normal soil based farm would require.

Looking for more ways to make a positive impact? Avondale recently adopted a Community Sustainability Plan, outlining actions that residents, businesses, and the city can take to create a more sustainable and resilient community. The Plan is available at www.avondaleaz.gov/sustainability. Tip: peruse the ‘Sustainability Pathways’ for strategies you can incorporate into your lifestyle and workplace.

Discover even more of what Avondale has to offer.  #DiscoverAvondale  #SustainableAvondale  DiscoverAvondale.com

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