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Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day is an annual event celebrated on March 31 that honors
the life and work of Cesar Chavez, a civil rights activist who dedicated his life
to advocating for the rights of farm workers. The day serves as a reminder
of the significant impact that one person can have on society, and it
recognizes Chavez’s tireless efforts to achieve better working conditions and
fair wages for farm workers.

Chavez’s journey began in 1952 when he joined the Community Service
Organization, a grassroots movement dedicated to Latino civil rights. Later,
he founded the United Farm Workers of America and became a prominent
advocate for farm workers’ rights. Chavez’s approach to social justice was
rooted in non-violent protest, and through peaceful demonstrations, long
marches, hunger and labor strikes; he achieved significant victories for farm
workers’ rights.

In 1968, Chavez faced a three-year-long struggle with grape growers to
protest poor pay and working conditions. The situation eventually turned
violent, with sheriffs and teamsters beating farm workers during the
protests. Some farmers grew frustrated with Chavez’s focus on non-
violence, and in response, the activist went on a 25-day hunger strike to
emphasize the importance of peaceful protest. Chavez wanted to make
himself and the workers think more deeply about the question of violence
and prove that there were safer and more effective alternatives. His actions
inspired thousands of supporters, including Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who
joined him to celebrate Catholic mass and share a meal when he finally
broke his fast.

Today, organizations like Adelante Healthcare continue to honor Chavez’s
legacy by advocating for social justice and healthcare access for all. Adelante
Healthcare was founded in 1979 to provide medical care to rural laborers in
Surprise and El Mirage. The organization’s mission has since expanded, and
it now operates nine facilities across the state, providing healthcare services
to underserved communities. Adelante Healthcare’s core values revolve
around fairness, dignity, equity, and healthcare access for all.

As part of its commitment to continuing Chavez’s legacy, Adelante
Healthcare is looking to further support farm workers, and invite the
community to donate as little as $12 to provide self-care items to workers in
need. These cash donations qualify for the 2023 Arizona Charitable Tax
Credit, allowing single taxpayers to donate up to $421 and married filers to
donate up to $842. This March 31, on Chavez’s 96th birthday, all Adelante
Healthcare facilities will be closed to commemorate his contributions.
Overall, Cesar Chavez Day serves as an important reminder of the impact one person can have on the world. Chavez’s fight for farm workers’ rights
continues to inspire organizations like Adelante Healthcare to work towards
social justice and healthcare access for all. By supporting these
organizations and working towards a fairer and more just society, we can
honor Chavez’s legacy and ensure that his vision of equality and justice for
all is realized.

To donate to Adelante Healthcare’s fundraiser for farmworkers, visit


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