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Blue Saint Is A Leader in Natural Self-Tanning Products

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, so do its top-selling products. For many consumers, makeup and self-tanning alternatives are staples in day-to-day beauty routines.

Tanning products, in particular, have long been the subject of scrutiny though, with everyone from dermatologists to estheticians arguing that while self-tanning remedies are better for skin health than direct sun exposure or tanning beds, they still aren’t necessarily good for you.

In a state like Arizona, where direct sunlight is a dominant weather trait and everyone is looking to perfect a glowing, year round tan, the market for these sorts of self-tanning products is in even higher demand—particularly during the winter months.

Aryanna Tempest saw the growing desire for good self-tanning products that provided the perfect bronze without any of the guilt brought on by unnatural tanning products.



“I grew up in Arizona and was tan for most of the year, I only got spray tans in the winter months. After I graduated high school I decided to do a year of college up in Utah and I realized that the sun doesn’t shine all year round and so I decided to try out some self-tanners,” says Tempest. “I swear i’ve tried every self-tanner and spray tan solution on the market, and it was impossible to find one that doesn’t have that weird biscuit smell, didn’t turn me orange, had good ingredients, and that actually lasted for more than 5 days.”

Blue Saint was born out of this struggle that so many consumers find themselves navigating. And Tempest wanted to provide a really good self-tanner—one that has an identity rooted in clean ingredients, a probiotic formula with next-to-no smell, and that offered longevity of up to 2 weeks.


The luxurious self-tanning foam from the company is made entirely of plant-based ingredients with Italian probiotics for a natural-looking tan. Not only is the formula super easy to apply, it’s also streak-free and fast drying.

“I’m really proud of the product I’ve created, and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has purchased it and left such kind reviews. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Blue Saint,” says Tempest.

For more information on Blue Saint self-tanning products, visit www.bluesaint.com.

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