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Best Restaurant: Tryst Cafe

In our first Best Of Issue, Green Living Magazine is proud to acknowledge the individuals and businesses that have made a conscious and sustainable impact on the community — all as voted on by readers. Arizona has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and, as such, the focus on sustainability and living more healthful lives has also been in the spotlight. Here, we invite you to learn more about the movers and shakers in the green living space. Congratulations to our winners!

Tryst Cafe, a restaurant that focuses on organic and natural food, opened 13 years ago in Phoenix and now has a second location in Chandler that opened three years ago. Customers flock to Tryst Cafe for Chef Rosario Cortez’s menu of items like the breakfast burrito, the Thai shrimp lettuce wrap, the bison burger and, of course, the tacos and hemp seed tamales. Most of the menu either is, or can be, gluten-free. The most unexpected part though, is the live entertainment and extensive list of craft cocktails.

“We focus on organic ingredients from eggs to produce,” says owner Lisa Khnanisho. “Our protein is either antibiotic and/or hormone free. Depending on the type of seafood offered, it is either wild caught or meets rigorous sustainable practices. Some of our produce is sourced locally, and we have several local partnerships, including where we get our eggs, tortillas, bread, liquor, and more. If we are unable to source organic, we look at selecting items that are natural and where sustainable practices are utilized, as much as possible.”

Khnanisho’s mission is to serve naturally delicious food and drinks in an environment that has a contemporary and engaging vibe, and where the team is friendly and hospitable. Of course, sustainability practices also rank high on the list. “We do not offer straws, unless requested, and we purchase those that are highly biodegradable,” she says. “In addition, we use to-go boxes that are sustainable. As a business utilizing thousands of products, and being a member of the community, we have a responsibility to do our part to contribute to the environment.” 

Over the years, Tryst Cafe has earned many accolades including “Best of” Phoenix Magazine, “Best of” New Times and “Best of” West Valley. “We support our communities by supporting the schools and participating in large philanthropic events that support the Boys and Girls Clubs,” Khnanisho says.

She is proud to be one of Green Living Magazine’s Best Of winners because of the magazine’s focus and commitment to seeking out sustainable practices in all industries. www.trystcafe.com

Runners-up: Moscato, www.moscatoazcom.com and Santé Restaurant, https://lovesante.com/ 


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