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Best Design: Sesshu Design

In our first Best Of Issue, Green Living Magazine is proud to acknowledge the individuals and businesses that have made a conscious and sustainable impact on the community — all as voted on by readers. Arizona has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and, as such, the focus on sustainability and living more healthful lives has also been in the spotlight. Here, we invite you to learn more about the movers and shakers in the green living space. Congratulations to our winners!

Tanya Shivley, founder of Sesshu Design, moved to Scottsdale in 1992, where she finished design school, graduating in 1997. After working part-time in the field beginning in 1993, she began working for a high-end design studio the same year she graduated. 

Shivley was introduced to sustainable design at an event in Scottsdale, where Edward Mazria spoke about his 2030 Project and the impact that the building industry has on the environment. “I had always had an interest in creating healthy homes, because of my dad’s health concerns where indoor air quality was a big factor,” she says. “When LEED was introduced, I studied for and achieved the LEED AP accreditation in early 2006.” 

The previous year, in 2005, Shivley started Sesshu Design, following the philosophy of WELL Designed. Her mission? To design the most healthy and beautiful homes possible. “We envision a world where ‘home’ not only means a space or building for people to live in, but also a sanctuary that enhances the wellness and well-being of all the occupants, as well as the planet,” she says. “We believe the world can be a better place; that we can have beautiful homes; and protect the environment and our health, too.”

WELL Designed homes are environmentally responsible and rooted in eco-conscious design, especially sustainability. “However, they do not compromise when it comes to luxury and livability,” Shivley says. “Your home should be as durable as it is comfortable and suited to your unique lifestyle.”

Whether clients are renovating or custom-building, Shivley and her team of three start with a 20-minute design review phone call so they can understand their client’s vision and needs, where they are in the process, and what they need to move forward. From there, if appropriate, they will schedule a Design Playbook Consultation to develop the scope and preliminary concepts for the project. At this step, they help clients understand their interior design goals by studying tastes, preferences, and lifestyle needs. “Using our proprietary Ecoluxe Design Process, we guide you in creating a home that is even better than you imagined,” Shivley says. www.sesshudesign.com

Runner up: Earth and Images, www.earthandimages.com


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