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Apple Introduces Electric Vehicle Plan Set For 2024

Tech giant, Apple, is set to enter the market of advanced self-driving technology come 2024, when they debut their own prototype of an electric vehicle.

The model will reportedly boast a “breakthrough” battery technology, that will help to not only increase the vehicle’s driving range and reduce the cost of batteries, but will also push the iPhone producer to be a leader in the EV market—where brands like Elon Musk’s, Tesla, have long dominated.

The move comes amid reports that Apple has been attempting to diversify their offerings as a company, and make the leap into a new wave of advanced technological production. Apple’s revenue on staple products—like the iPhone—have dramatically slowed in revenue over the last few years.

And while Apple’s latest car announcement might come as a surprise to some, the company has actually been trying to break into this market for a while now.

Back in 2014, the company launched “Project Titan,” a campaign meant to introduce Apple into the world of automative technology, but were forced to pause the initiative in an effort to “reassess its goals.”

Even for one of the most dominant tech leaders in the world, transitioning into the market of car production isn’t an easy feat—particularly after this year, with all of the complications that have only been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even Elon Musk—arguably the most ambitious figure in the EV world—had to work for nearly two decades before Tesla was able to actually turn profits.

Apple is said to currently be collaborating with outside partners to develop system intricacies, including lidar sensors—which help the cars to get a three-dimensional view of the road.

And while projections for the vehicle note that Apple will be producing these self-driving, EV’s by 2024, consumers could get a glimpse of the model by late 2021.

For more information, visit www.apple.com.

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