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Adventures in Consciousness: Slowing Down


By Kristi Hall

Welcome to the second of this new monthly column on conscious living and conscious business. Conscious living is about becoming more aware and loving with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. (Also, there is Oneness – but although I grasp the concept in my mind, I still have much to learn, so I won’t go there right now.)

Conscious living is about putting deeper thought into the impact we are making in our daily lives, moment to moment, thought by thought, choice by choice. It’s a lifelong practice in mindfulness.

For me, so far, waking up has been a thrilling, healing and challenging experience. It’s happened through what felt like, at the time, loss and grief and crisis. It’s also happened in quiet, delicious moments when I was inspired by the kindness of a stranger, watching puppies play, or swimming in the ocean. It’s happened through tears of pain and tears of immense gratitude, through belly laughter, and a friend’s long embrace.

I’m quite simply delighted to be discovering how expansive and boundless the Universe is. Just imagining it makes me smile and gives me hope. And, as someone who has worshiped achievement for most of my life, intoxicated by grand visions, it can also be frustrating because I have been in such a hurry to “get there.” My passions run deep, and I have rather approached my journey in consciousness like I have most things in life: with gusto, with hunger, with urgency, with a goal to be realized. It’s often exhilarating, but then, because of my style, exhausting.

I share this now because there are many “big” new opportunities and changes brewing in my life. Projects I have been cultivating for years seem to be gaining momentum and taking on a life of their own. New shiny offers are beginning to surface. As happy as I am for the growth, a little voice inside me keeps saying, “Slow down. Stay grounded. Remember what is important. Stay awake.”

So, I am listening to that gentle voice in the midst of all that is unfolding and taking time to pause, breathe and reflect. I am learning to be more discerning about whom and what I say yes to, so I can be more thoughtful and engaged with the people and projects I consciously choose. I am remembering the children’s story about the tortoise and the hare and reminding myself that slow and steady progress can win the race, despite my fascination with quantum leaps. I am reminding myself that it’s important to sleep and eat and play because the work will still be there after I am done taking care of myself. I am doing this because at the end of the day, what I achieve will not mean as much to me as living with kindness, presence, love, being there for the people in my life, and savoring each moment.

What about you? Have you found that slowing down and being more mindful about your priorities and commitments brings you more fulfillment and success? Email editor@greenlivingaz.com

Kristi Hall is an author, speaker, and creator of Conscious Connections, a local community of 6,000 purpose-based business women. Join her community at consciousconnectionsglobal.com.



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