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A Variety of Eco-Conscious Goodies

So many products in our world have an element of sustainability today — it’s hard to
choose just one! For November, we present a “variety pack” of sustainable Cool, Outrageous Stuff to get you thinking about how to incorporate green products into more aspects of your life.

Lilixir Skincare
Lilixir’s skincare products are just as good for the environment as they are for your skin. The serums use plant-based, ethically sourced ingredients that work together to improve your skin’s firmness, tone, and hydration. A blend of organic bio-nutrients, botanical actives, and zero-waste cold-pressed plant-based oils helps guard against dry skin. Familiar plant ingredients include safflower, papaya seed, rosehip, chia seed, baobab, jojoba, and hemp seed. Beyond skincare, Lilixir’s Golden Gua Sha acupressure tool promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and provides a gentle facial massage. It’s also designed with hypoallergenic stainless steel. The company is committed to sustainable beauty, which means products are made and packaged to minimize impact on the environment. For every bottle of product sold, Lilixir pledges to plant a tree. Products are also cruelty-free, vegan, and free from harmful chemicals. www.lilixir.com/en-us


Allbirds Shoes
A shoe company that’s good for your feet and the environment! Allbirds features women’s, men’s and children’s shoes including sneakers, hiking shoes, flats, slip ons, and apparel. We’re crushing on the Tree Runner styles, which are made with lightweight, breathable eucalyptus fiber that’s perfect for hot days. Looking for something a little warmer? Check out Allbird’s Wool Runners made with Merino wool and bio-based water repellent technology to keep your feet warm on rainy days. Other materials used include tree fiber, sugar cane, and Trino, Allbird’s own blend of wool and tree fibers. Shoelaces are made from recycled plastic bottles. Want more? Allbirds goes all out on transparency and sustainability, making the carbon footprint for each shoe available on each product page. The company holds a high standard for sourcing materials ethically, plus it’s over halfway to the goal of cutting its carbon footprint in half by 2025 and getting to near zero by 2030. Allbirds also features a resale market called ReRun, where you can find slightly imperfect and gently used shoes. www.allbirds.com


Grayl Water Bottles
Having a reusable water bottle is one thing, but consider Grayl’s GeoPress Water Filter and Purifier to keep your adventures safe and to reduce the need for plastic water bottles. The BPA-free bottle removes waterborne pathogens such as Rotavirus, Norovirus, and other contaminants, and makes 24 fluid ounces of clean drinking water in just eight seconds. The activated carbon absorbs many chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, flavors, and odors. Additionally, the cartridge design and One-Way Drink Mix Valve allows electrolytes and sport drink mixes to be added without compromising the integrity of the filter. Grayl is a member of 1% for the Planet, The Conservation Alliance, All Hands and Helpers, and many more programs that benefit people and the environment. www.grayl.com


Aurorae Yoga Mats
Yoga time is relaxing and with Aurorae’s Yoga Mats, it can be even better. These yoga mats are lightweight, non-slip, foldable, and machine washable. Beautiful designs go hand-in-hand with sustainability, as the mats are made with an eco-friendly patented Polymer Environmental Resin (PER) free from toxins, phthalates, phenols, PAHS, latex, silicone, and rubber. Mats come in the traditional size, but Aurorae also offers a supersized mat over six feet long. Aurorae offers a natural cork and rubber mat that is made from 100% natural Portugal Oak Cork. It’s free of PVC, TPE, and chemical plastics, making it biodegradable and recyclable. www.auroraeyoga.com

Leaf Shave Razors
Nicks, cuts, painful shaves, and pesky plastic razors are a thing of the past with Leaf Shave’s stainless steel razors. Offered in single blade, triple blade, and a dermaplaning tool, these razors offer a close shave for all. Standard safety razor blades can be replaced on the pivoting head, which also offers magnetic load assist. Replacing razor blades on a single stainless steel razor could save over three million disposable plastic razors from entering the landfill each year. In addition to packaging and shipping its razors without the use of plastic, Leaf Shave supports climate action nonprofits. www.leafshave.com


Black Diamond Headlamps
If you’re starting your adventure before the sun rises, you need a reliable headlamp that doesn’t require extra luggage. Consider Black Diamond’s R-Series or Dual Fuel Rechargeable Headlamps. Both offer easy-to-adjust brightness, water protection, and multiple beam pattern options. The R-series is appealing for its lithium-ion batteries that can be charged from the car, a portable power source, solar panel, or wall charger. The Dual Fuel offers rechargeable lithium ion battery backs or three Triple A alkaline batteries. This allows you to go off-grid but still recharge with the next USB port. Both series are waterproof up to one meter underwater for 30 minutes. Black Diamond practices sustainability by recycling scrap metal and excess cardboard. The company has already recycled 11,157 pounds of glass, and its recycling efforts have conserved 1.67 metric tons of CO2. The company is a founding member of the Outdoor Industry Association’s Fair Labor Working Group. www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_US

Find more sustainable Cool Outrageous Stuff items in our Product section.


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