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A Guide to Creating a Sustainable Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration but can also be a period of increased consumption and waste. To enjoy this festive time more sustainably, consider these eco-friendly approaches in fashion, gifts, food and drink, and decor.

Gifts: Sustainable Giving

Eco-Friendly Wrapping: Choose environmentally-friendly packaging options for wrapping gifts. Consider using recycled paper or reusable cloth wraps.
Support Small Businesses: Buying from local small businesses can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the local economy.
Eco-Friendly Gifts: Choose gifts with minimal environmental impact, such as products made from sustainable materials.

Avoid Plastic Toys: Steer clear of cheap plastic toys and stocking stuffers, opting for more sustainable and durable options.
Gift Experiences: Consider giving experiences, like a photo shoot, concert tickets, or cooking classes, over physical gifts. These often create lasting memories without the environmental cost of manufacturing and shipping.
Food and Drink: Eco-Conscious Choices

Buy Local: Purchasing locally-sourced food and drinks not only supports local farmers and producers but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. Recycle Packaging: Be diligent in recycling cans, boxes, and other packaging from food and drink products.
Cut Food Waste: Plan meals carefully to avoid any food waste and consider using leftovers creatively.

More Plant-Based Foods: Incorporate more plant-based dishes into your holiday meals to reduce the environmental impact of meat production.
Consider Composting: Composting food waste is a great way to give back to the earth and reduce landfill waste.

Say No to Disposable Cutlery: Avoid plastic disposable cutlery and plates. Opt for reusable or compostable options instead.
Decor: Environmentally Friendly Decorations
Real Trees: If you choose a real Christmas tree, ensure it’s sourced sustainably and recycle it after the holidays.

LED Lights: Switch to LED lights for your holiday decor to save energy.
Eco-Friendly Decor Methods: Get creative with natural, biodegradable decor items.
Edible Ornaments: Make edible ornaments, reducing waste and adding fun to your decor. Solar Lights: Consider using solar-powered lights for outdoor decorations to minimize energy consumption.

Fashion: Eco-Friendly Holiday Styles

Sustainable HolidayRe-wear Last Year’s Christmas Sweater: Embrace the festive spirit by re-wearing your Christmas sweater. It’s a unique item that only gets a few outings, making it perfect for an annual reappearance.
Mix and Match Existing Wardrobe: Dive into your existing wardrobe and pair holiday colors you might not normally combine for a festive look, such as reds with greens or reds with whites. Rent Outfits: Instead of buying new outfits for holiday parties, consider renting them. This saves money and reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing new Garments.
Opt for Eco-Friendly Brands: When purchasing new attire, choose brands prioritizing sustainability in their production processes.
Buy Second-Hand: Explore thrift stores or online second-hand platforms for unique finds that won’t break the bank or the planet.
Choose Classic Over Trendy: Invest in classic pieces you will re-wear year after year rather than succumbing to fast fashion trends.

Adopting these sustainable practices allows you to enjoy a festive holiday season and be kind to the planet. This approach to the holidays benefits the environment and offers a more meaningful and thoughtful way to celebrate.

Erika, Owner of More Than Modeling and Caring for the Earth Dress Rentals


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