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5 Green Podcasts to Tune Into Now

Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself informed, entertained, and invested in the topics that matter most to you. But with a plethora of podcasts to choose from and the variety of streaming platforms they are hosted on, it can be difficult to find one to stick with. Here are 5 green podcasts to tune into now. 

5. Hot Take with Mary Annaise Heglar and Amy Westervelt

If you’re frustrated with the lack of inclusion in the current conversations regarding climate change, check out Hot Take. Hosted by climate justice writer Mary Annaise Heglar and journalist Amy Westervelt, Hot Take is dedicated to making conversations about climate change more inclusive, powerful, and productive. Hot Take provides listeners with an intersectional approach to dissecting and critiquing the way the climate crisis is presented to the public. Listen to Hot Take on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts


4Brown Girl Green

Incredibly passionate about the environment, diversity, and its relationship with media, Kristy Drutman created Brown Girl Green as a way to provide her audience with an intersectional and collaborative space for climate activism. From conversations about sustainable fashion, ableism, synthetic hair, and self-care, Brown Girl Green is both informative and empowering. 

When asked about what her hopes are for the podcast, Drutman told Green Living exclusively: “The biggest thing I hope listeners takeaway is that we need more diverse environmental storytelling to move people in our communities toward action. We need people, especially BIPOC to feel empowered to tell their story about the climate crisis as well as their work to find the solution.” Kristy Drutman 

Brown Girl Green is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and SoundCloud

3. How to Save a Planet

If you’re looking for a space to quell your anxiety regarding the climate crisis, check out How to Save a Planet. Hosted by journalist Alex Blumberg and marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, How to Save a Planet tackles the uncomfortable questions pertaining to the climate crisis. What needs to be done and how can we actually do it? Find out on How to Save a Planet, available on Spotify


2. Story-Telling / Story-listening

Story-Telling / Story-listening is a podcast that is centered around a variety of Indigenous practices and teachings as a way to prepare for climate change. 

Hosted by Jessica Hum, Story-Telling / Story-listening allows listeners to process and prepare for climate change by using oral stories as the space to do. Story-Telling / Story-listening confronts the importance of decolonizing research, and highlights the importance of mutual respect and reciprocity with Indigenous people.

When asked about what her hopes are for the podcast, Hum told Green Living exclusively: “This podcast invites listeners to participate in the ancient technology of both Story-telling / Story-listening. I hope that listeners see ways they themselves can walk with Indigenous peoples in reciprocity and that we can all listen with our hearts to the story-tellers around us.” Jessica Hum. 

Listen to Story-Telling / Story-listening on Spreaker, and Apple Podcasts

1. Dismantled

Hosted by environmentalist Leah Thomas, Dismantled centers around intersectional environmentalists and climate justice. Episodes of Dismantled cover topics such as intersectional feminism, grassroots activism, and the responsibility of big corporations. Dismantled advocates for onversations about the climate crisis to be led by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, as the climate crisis impacts those communities the most. Listen to Dismantled on Spotify.

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