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5 Eco-Friendly Pet Products That Are Perfect For Your Animals

Why should only humans have all the eco-friendly fun?

Consider purchasing these cool, eco-friendly products for your pet to enjoy at home.



Love it and Leash It
Wolfgang Man & Beast dog collars, harnesses, bandanas and leashes are made using polyester webbing, which has very high abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and overall durability. All of the company’s dog collars, leashes, harnesses, and bandanas are made in the U.S., and shipped in recyclable material and as minimal packaging as possible. Starting at $17.95 at www.wolfgangusa.com



Meet the Eco Fly-N-Tug, an eco-friendly, durable dog toy that is made in the U.S. This sustainable toy is made of natural hemp fabric and compressed wool, is nontoxic and lead free, and is perfect to toss or tug with. $12.99 at www.honestpetproducts.com



Robot Ready
Want to upgrade your pet’s routine when nature calls? Meet the Litter Robot—an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. It’s efficient, controls odors, and helps keep your cat’s paws clean. The Litter Robot automatically sifts the litter, deposits it into a convenient drawer, and then leaves a clean surface for your pet’s next use. Starting at $449 at www.litter-robot.com



Hide ’N Seek
It might be called the Cat Cave, but both cats and small dogs have been known to love these small caves. Not only are these made of ethically sourced wool and 100% natural and organic materials with vegan organic dyes, but the brand focuses on giving back by paying their workers 200% the average wage to help transform their local communities, as well as giving back to local shelters and rescues. $59.99-$129.99 at www.catcaveco.com



Pick of the Litter
Ökocat is an all-natural brand of cat litter made from sustainably sourced wood fibers. This eco-friendly litter delivers seven day odor control and easy-clean clumping with no airborne dust, and is also free of artificial fragrances, additives, dyes, GMOs, and synthetic chemicals. $9.99/9.9 lb. bag at www.healthy-pet.com

For more inspiration on eco-friendly pet products, visit Green Living’s product page. Keep up with all of Green Living‘s original content online and on social media.


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