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What CAN you do? Cool, Crafty Ways to Reuse Your Leftover Paint Can

By Kelsey Makings
Let’s face it; remodeling the house can get pricey – and while the new walls surely look fabulous, it leaves leftover paint stacked in storage.  Instead, get the most out of your home’s new facelift by reusing those unneeded cans into clever, money-saving accessories.

Flower Pots: Paint cans are the perfect size to make a nice flower pot.  Peel off the label and either keep the shiny look of the can, or decorate the outside with paint, designs or stickers.  Drill holes at the bottom for drainage, fill the can with potting soil and plant your flower of choice.  You can even keep the handle to hang your new pot.

Gift Basket: Whether it is for a fun celebration or a thoughtful “get well soon,” leftover paint cans make great eco-friendly gift baskets.  Simply fill the can with your items of choice, and decorate the outside with fitting wrapping paper, stickers or cool accessories.

Desk Organizer: Grouping empty paint cans together are a great way to store papers, bills and magazines by your desk.  By using Velcro® strips connect them together with all the openings facing the same direction to act as cubbyholes.

Toy Box: Keep little toys and knick-knacks together by organizing them into distinct cans.  Your kids can decorate each container, and label them into categories such as cars and doll accessories.

Coin Container: A new type of piggy bank for loose change.  Keep the lid and cut a hole on top to slip the money into.  When you fill the can, go cash it in to use for movie night!

Ambiance: Who needs to buy outdoor decor when you have leftover paint cans? Simply decorate the outside as you wish and poke holes around the can. Fill the bottom with a few inches of sand and place a candle in the middle. The soft illumination will create a relaxing feel.

*Please remember to remove all paint from can prior to use


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