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From the Green Living Team: The Best Well-Being Advice We’ve Received

Written by Kyley Warren

If 2020 were to be summed up in a single word thus far, I think the most appropriate description would be: strange. It’s undoubtedly been an odd few months. On a global scale, we’ve been forced to confront the unfamiliarity that comes with living through a pandemic. While we’ve long been conditioned to believe that we could find the answers to anything and everything through the Internet, COVID-19 has proven a much different reality. One which reminds us that no matter our jobs, our level of education, where we come from, or even what we believe defines us – none of us have all the answers.

While we can’t control what’s occurring in the greater world around us, we do have the power to control how we choose to respond to these unfamiliar circumstances. Health and wellness aren’t intangible ideas – for many, their ideals which serve as glimpses into how we can all live a more conscious lifestyle.

Here at the Green Living Brand, our hope is that our content can inspire you to live your best life – and not just for you, but for the people and world around you. In times like these, it is so important that we learn to rely on one another. With that in mind, a few members of our Green Living Magazine Team shared the best piece of advice they’ve received in regard to health and well-being.

Trust your gut — literally.

Well-being advice

Best Well-Being Advice: 

“Listen to your body when it tells you it needs to take a break.”

Kait Spielmaker, 

Digital Coordinator at Green Living Magazine

Prioritize self-care.

Well-being advice

Best Well-Being Advice: 

“Always make sure to take a few minutes every day for yourself, no matter what is happening in your life at the moment.”

Michelle Glicksman, Editor-In-Chief at Green Living Magazine

Just breathe

Just breathe

Best Well-Being Advice: 

“When life is filled with grief, tough times, sadness or you are having anxiety, BREATHE! Stop, take a deep breath or two, and see what happens.”

Dorie Morales, Publisher at Green Living Magazine

Be present in the moment.

Well-being advice

Best Well-Being Advice: 

“Wherever you are, be fully there.”

Lindsey Murphy, Director of Operations at Green Living Magazine

Be free to feel.

Well-being advice

Best Well-Being Advice: 

“Accept your emotions.”

Kyley Warren, 

Assistant Editor at Green Living Magazine


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