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Ways to Connect With Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Day

Many people believe that Hallmark is responsible for creating Valentine’s Day to sell more “Be Mine” cards. In actuality, it’s believed that Americans began exchanging handmade valentines and small tokens of affection in the early 1700s.

Valentine’s Day—you either love it or loathe it. For many, Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of overpriced red roses, wine, and an expensive dinner out. Why do something cliché when you can plan a surprise experience to really woo and impress your date? Anticipation is what adds spice to life—something to look forward to, a mystery of sorts.

No matter what you choose, select a novel activity, date, and time. Provide your date with basic information, including what to wear, but not what you will be doing. You may want to tease them a little by giving them some hints leading up to the day. As the author and founder of Surprise Date Challenge, I have a few fun ideas. For more, head to www.surprisedatechallenge.com.

Out & About

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Rainbow Ryders offers both sunrise and sunset balloon rides in February. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, an early morning balloon flight is a great way to start the day. Better yet, you’ll be able to check this off your bucket list.

Light Your Fire: Create custom candles together through Candle Chemistry. Pop into the store at Scottsdale Quarter. Another bonus? Strolling among the beautiful stores in the Quarter is always a treat. You can also pick up (or have delivered) a candle invention kit to create at home. Put on your pajamas and break out your favorite adult beverage for a great night in. 

Create Wearable Art: Evora Jewelry allows you to design and create your own piece of jewelry. They also have a new option where you design it online, and they create it and ship it to you. This makes a great gift! 

A Romantic Night In

Private Cooking Class: The Chef & the Dish offers private cooking classes in your home with hand-selected top chefs and culinary experts who live where the recipes originated. It’s just you and your chef in Italy or other countries you choose! 

Kokedama Balls: A gardening project at home through SuperMoss. You can order a kit online and have it shipped to your home. Create some craft cocktails and a charcuterie board and have a blast making your Kokedama balls!

Adult Toy Box: The Fantasy Box has sexy and fun date night delivered to your door! From romantic to risqué, we love this subscription box service. There are three levels of subscription for every budget starting at only $39.99. There’s a fun element of “surprise” that you never know what you are going to get in the box, but it’s always something of high quality and sure to bring sparks and passion to your night in! 

Choosing an out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day date is sure to inspire connection and romance. The memories you create together through shared experiences will last a lifetime.

Keep up with all of Green Living‘s original content online and on social media. Photo courtesy of Dan Gold on Unsplash.


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