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Tucson Builder Connects Art, Energy and Urban Infill Design



By Amanda Harvey

“Vision, Strength and Integrity” is local builder Sharon Ludwig’s tagline. As the owner of III Oaks Development, she is passionate about creating healthy, beautiful spaces for her clients. The name III Oaks represents herself and her two daughters, Kimberly and Amber. “I climbed oak trees as a little girl on a farm in West Virginia. I always admired the way they grew up so tall and strong from a single acorn,” she said. Ludwig also plants three oak trees during each of her projects.

Currently, III Oaks is concentrating on downtown development, said Ludwig. She is drawn to old structures in downtown Tucson, which inspired her to start creating infill homes in the heart of town. Six homes have been built in the Barrio Santa Rosa area, with 14 additional homes being developed on an adjacent lot. All of these homes feature energy-saving Bosch appliances from Tucson Appliance.

Ludwig frequently works with Tucson Appliance and enjoys shopping locally for energy-efficient appliances for her projects and clients. “Our world is facing great challenges,” she said. “We simply must understand the importance and absolute necessity of working together in both a local and global conscious community. Tucson Appliance has been just terrific in creating a win-win.”


Tucson Appliance carries top brands like Bosch appliances, which are some of the most eco-friendly on the market. “I believe sustainability is important for the future of our children,” said Tucson Appliance owner Chris Edwards of the importance of providing eco-friendly products and services. “Each time we sell a Bosch package, I feel a part of their future is being preserved.” Edwards believes strongly in supporting the local Tucson business economy and is a large supporter of children’s charities.

“Working with Sharon is so exciting. To have an artistic designer and builder like her in Tucson is truly inspirational,” stated Roxana Morales, builder distributor for Tucson Appliance. In addition to creating beautiful homes, Ludwig has a passion for metalwork and art. When the building economy collapsed in 2007, she turned to welding gates and fences and creating outdoor art as a way of supplementing her diminished income. What started as more of a necessity grew into a previously unexplored talent. She started another company for her metal designs, BySheSaid.

She often gets asked about the origins of the name. She explains that it comes from that inner voice – that intuition – most of us hear that tells us where to go in life. “All you have to do is listen,” she said. “My designs come from that place, both in construction and artistic welding. I wanted to honor that inner knowing by calling my metal designs ‘By She Said.’ When I weld, I always add one clear glass piece in honor of that voice,” she continued.


Ludwig also dreams of creating a co-housing project. “A dream I’m trusting will come true,” she said. She envisions neighborhoods that weave together private homes and common facilities, such as a shared garden, community metal artwork, water harvesting, nature landscape and community spaces.

“Let us each be kind to one another and to our precious home, our Mother Earth,” said Ludwig. “There is a purpose to all things and the great divide we are currently experiencing in our country is creating a beautiful awakening and showing us the necessity of coming together in One Voice in respect and honor for all.”

For more on Sharon Ludwig and her companies III Oaks Development and BySheSaid, visit byshesaid.com. For more on Tucson Appliance, visit tacappliance.com.



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