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Drink Up This Nalgene Sustain water bottle is the first-of-its-kind reusable water bottle that is made from recycled materials. Each Nalgene Sustain has the equivalent...

Jean-Martin Fortier Is Planting Seeds For A Sustainable Future

Famed agriculturist, Jean-Martin Fortier, is changing the world through his small-scale approaches to farming. Everybody has different opinions—on politics, on films, even on general economics....

Sponsored Content: In Cottonwood, You Are Welcome Here

Cottonwood is the heart of Arizona Wine Country. It isn’t just because of its perfectly situated location, close enough to Sedona, just down the road...

Choose Thankfulness Today

Ah, Thanksgiving—a holiday meant for giving thanks. It seems like the purpose of this holiday is especially important after this difficult year. So, whether you...

Tips For A Sustainable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will undoubtedly look a little different this year. But as we make accommodations to our celebrations in the hopes of combatting the spread...