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Products That Give Back: February’s Cool Outrageous Stuff

This month, check out the products included in our "Cool Outrageous Stuff" section, all of which can be found in our February issue. Lip Love The...

Coral Reef-Safe Sunscreens to Consider Amid Hawaii’s Recent Ban

Besides their mesmerizing beauty, coral reefs offer a variety of environmental, economic, and cultural benefits. But in recent years, scientists and researchers have discovered...

Truce Be Told

Truth be told, my family does not always agree. We value and encourage differences in opinions, but one thing we all agree upon is...

New Year, New Look

Style your New Year beauty right, with these makeup products that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. Fall Color The best-selling "Saavy" lipstick from Tuchéir...

Very Vessl

Vessl™ is truly a unique product—one that CEO Walter Apodaca is excited to share with the market, and one that has drawn GRAMMY® Award-winning...

Bees4Seas Is A Leader In Zero-Waste Products

As more and more plastic pollutes our oceans and entangles wildlife, the vitality of that ecosystem continues to decline. This becomes an even larger...

Genusee Eyewear Is Making Chic Frames Out of Flint’s Leftover Water Bottles

I grew up in a suburb of Flint, Michigan, and spent my early twenties renting an apartment right in the heart of downtown where...

Pela Adds Biodegradable Sunglasses to Eco-Collection

Pela, maker of compostable alternatives to plastic, is expanding their collection of eco-friendly products to now include the world’s first sunglasses and blue light...

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