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U.S. Secretary Jewell Headlines Address on Conservation During National Park Week

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By Hunter Kossodo

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is set to deliver a major speech in Washington D.C. today on the current administration’s approach to conservation and what needs to be changed to make sure that American lands and wildlife will be in good shape for the future.

The event will also feature a one-on-one conversation between Secretary Jewell and Editor in Chief of the National Geographic Magazine, Susan Goldberg.

Opening remarks will be made by Jonathan Jarvis, who has been the Director of the United States National Park Service since 2009. Jarvis will speak on the storied history of America’s National Parks, and also how to create the next generation of National Park visitors and supporters.

Since Yellowstone officially became the first National Park in 1872, the United States has designated 58 more protected areas as National Parks, three of which are here in Arizona.

However, 2016 is a crucial year where we can reflect on how the Obama administration tackled conservation issues and dictate how the next President can best protect the environment.

This address is conveniently scheduled in the middle of National Park Week, which runs from April 16-24. To help people celebrate this important week for wildlife conservation, visitors can enjoy all of the United States’ beautiful National Parks for free.

Watch the live webcast here starting at 11 am MT/2 pm ET. Tweet your thoughts @SecretaryJewell using the hashtag #parksforall.


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