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4 Reasons To Attend Green Living & Wander Home’s 1-Day Wellness Event

Yoga, sound baths, and performance art are included

As summer kicks into gear and we head toward the solstice, it’s time to turn our attention inward and figure out what makes us shine. Green Living magazine has partnered with Wander Home to host a virtual day of self-care during a 1-Day Wellness Event, taking place June 24th. 

Many of us have spent this past year taking care of those around us, leaving little time to focus on what nourishes our soul. Here are four reasons why you need to get your ticket to this unique 1-day Wellness Event right now.


1.) Be in a supportive community of like-minded people

With group events starting to return, it’s been a while since we’ve bonded with a like-minded community. Our wellness day has been set up to be interactive, giving you time to set an intention for the day, meet others from around the country who will help to hold you accountable, and join the information Q&A sessions so that you can learn from one another about what it means to lead a good life. 


2.) Learn from the experts

We’ve gathered together an impressive roster that will touch on everything from simple everyday wellness solutions to how to thrive during times of stress. From Italy to Mexico you’ll learn from a doctor, a spiritual coach, a yoga instructor, culture expert Rocco Bova, Green Living publisher Dorie Morales, solutions expert Jackie Roby, wellness expert Linden Schaffer, and more. This day is packed with knowledge that offers the opportunity to plant the seeds for the life you envision. 


Photo of Dr. Laura Biagi.

3.) End the day with a sound bath

After a day of movement, breath-work, and education, we focus on another fundamental part of overall well-being: relaxation. Dr. Laura Biagi is your guide for this experience. Originally from Siena, Italy, she is an expert in the art of yoga, sound healing, and performance art. This restorative session is designed to help you let go and relax. Ahhhh…


4.) A wellness toolbox is the gift that keeps on giving

Cultivating a set of holistic wellness practices turns you into Wonder Woman, yet instead of bringing peace to the outside world, thinking of it as bringing peace to your internal one. Our body, mind, and spirit are always in a state of ebb and flow, having a toolbox full of yoga, breathwork, meditation, mantras, and more allows us to reach in and pull out the practices we need at any given moment. With them, we can handle all of life’s challenges with grace.

We invite you to join us, June 24th, for this powerful 1 Day Wellness Event. Tickets start at $28. Purchase yours today before they’re gone.

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