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Press Coffee Opens an Eco-Friendly Flagship Roastery in Phoenix

Press Coffee

By Savannah Huls

Arizona coffee roaster Press Coffee recently opened its eighth location in the Valley, incorporating new additions to further share with the community their love for coffee.

The Roots of Press Coffee

Founded in 2008, Press Coffee roots itself in being quality-driven and community-focused, striving to deliver the best products and experience possible. In order to provide the highest-quality specialty coffee directly from seed to cup, Press is committed to sourcing and roasting only the world’s best beans from fair trade farmers in select countries around the world.

“So much of who we are as a brand is the coffee we roast,” says Alex Mason, co-owner of Press Coffee.

From building meaningful relationships with their farmers to providing warm and inviting places for their customers, Press embraces in the spirit of community both internally and as a whole.

“Although we have a decent-sized staff, it still feels like a family,” says Mason. 

The New Roastery

The new flagship roastery was created in order to provide the perfect space where Press could display its roasting process publicly for the first time. The Roastery by Press Coffee opened in mid-July, and is located in a 5,600-square-foot, two-level building at 10443 N. 32nd St., Phoenix. The spacious and modern building is the host to three German-made Probat coffee roasters, which allows for all of the coffee production to be done in the same space, while still leaving room for the company to expand. The location was designed to showcase the company’s daily coffee-roasting process, while encompassing eco-friendly techniques and integrating new menu items. 

Building an Eco-friendly Location

Press focused largely on making the new building as eco-friendly as possible. It was created to harness the sun’s energy to run nearly all of the power needed to maintain the location.

In order to make this possible, Press added as many solar panels as possible to the roof of the building.

Additionally, the company planted several shade-growing trees in the parking lot in order to keep the area as cool as possible, as well as installed eco-friendly windows.

The surrounding landscape was purposefully chosen to be a more natural desert landscape, with the intention to consciously conserve water.

A Sustainable-minded Company

The space’s eco-friendly design coincides with the sustainable initiatives of the company itself. Mason explains how Press reuses and recycles as efficiently as they can, including giving away coffee grounds to farmers or places who will utilize it as fertilizer.

“It is important for us to be good members of the community [by] being environmentally friendly,” Mason says.

The Roastery offers an expanded menu with choices of local beer, wine, and two different cocktails in addition to coffee. The bar offers customers an opportunity to widen their drink choice, including a new alcoholic shaker made with peanut butter whiskey.

The bar is limited, however, because, “Although we have the ability to do a full alcohol menu, we want to stay true to who we are, which is first and foremost coffee,” says Mason.

Learn more at presscoffee.com.

Savannah Huls is an Arizona-raised writer, traveler, and outdoor-enthusiast working as an editorial intern for Green Living Magazine. She is in the process of completing her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and plans on continuing on to receive her master’s in global journalism. She hopes to one day be able to travel the world and collect stories in order to pursue her passion for writing.


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