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Phoenix Blu Dragon, First-of-its-Kind Light Therapy Business, Debuts in the Valley

Into the Blu

When Pat Duryea, Ph.D., and Jayme Ambrose, D.N.P., R.N., arrived in Arizona 20 years ago, they had a shared dream to impact the lives of others. That dream eventually came to fruition in the form of a medical case management company, Adobe Care and Wellness, in Tempe. Most recently, though, the duo also introduced Phoenix Blu Dragon, a wellness space where light and sound therapy are seamlessly combined for a healing experience. 

Light and sound therapy have been used for thousands of years for health and healing benefits. Over twenty years ago, Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D., wrote Light: Medicine of the Future. And the famed innovator, Nikola Tesla, also expressed strong beliefs regarding the science—which D. Vucevic and T. Radosavljevic discussed in their 2016 article, Nikola Tesla and Medicine: 160th Anniversary Revisited—after he declared that electricity was the greatest doctor of all. 

But with the emergence of modern medicine in the 18th century, many healing modalities were hidden and suppressed. Thanks to spaces like Blu Dragon though, these alternative approaches to wellness are now being reintroduced into mainstream culture.

“Our drive has always been to create opportunities for others to improve their quality of life and increase their sense of self. As we have worked in the healthcare arena for many years, we know that a shift needs to occur to move from a place of managing diseases to truly focusing on what creates wellness,” says Duryea. “When we contemplated opening the Blu Room, we felt this was a perfect way to increase the shift towards wellness and improve quality of lives.”

At Blu Dragon, narrowband UVB light, sound therapy, and sacred geometry are used to support the body’s own knowledge and bring stasis to a person’s well-being. The octagonal version of the Blu Room is meant to act as a conduit that bridges ancient and future technologies with invisible forces that balance the energy of the heart and mind. The therapy promotes a feeling of “floating” that taps into the sensations of sound, light, vibrations, and solitariness.

Duryea believes that “in the absence of light, there is no life.” Through the thoughtful, healing therapy provided by Blu Dragon, she and Ambrose are shining a new light on the benefits of alternative wellness.

For more information on Phoenix Blu Dragon, visit www.phxbludragon.com.

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