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Outdoor Cycling 

Whether you are bicycling on the road, or off road, having the right equipment and the best equipment is as essential as where you choose to ride.

Whether you are bicycling on the road, or off road, having the right equipment and the best equipment is as essential as where you choose to ride.

In Arizona, cyclists have the luxury of selecting many scenic roads within the state and at different elevations. 

Whether it’s riding through Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve covering 30,000 acres with more than120 miles of trails, or the scenic roads of Flagstaff such as Lake Mary Road, which is notable for offering one of the best road bicycle rides in Arizona; or mountain biking through Sedona’s astounding red rock vistas above desert scenery.  Sedona is a perfect biking destination for the off-season months when the rest of the country’s trails are covered in snow.

Wherever you ride, the most important thing is finding the best places to shop for the right bicycle for you. Green Living lists five different cycling options for you to choose.


REI, an outdoor recreation corporation specializing in various sporting goods, camping gear, and clothing, also has an impressive selection of top-notch mountain and road bicycles. REI has established its presence across the US as an esteemed outdoor gear-supplier. The store focuses on quality, simplicity, and durability. Something unique that sets REI apart from most outdoor stores is that they not only provide gear, but also offer classes that help their customers gain the skill sets necessary for various activities.

In both their mountain and road biking departments, you will find trustworthy brands such as Diamondback and Cannondale. However, it is REI’s own brand of road bicycle, the Co-op ADV 2.2, that can barely stay on the shelves. It is currently their top-rated item. For the rugged terrain, the 2021 Cannondale Trail 6 is their top-rated mountain bike. REI doesn’t stop there; they even have a wide selection of top-tier cycles for kids. For example, the Co-op REV 20 is a 6-speed bike that will have your child turning heads around the neighborhood.

Every cyclist needs to have head protection that they can rely on in case of a fall. For optimal quality and safety, REI recommends their hottest commodity, the Bontrager helmet. The options for bicycles and accessories span all price ranges and skill levels. No matter what you are looking for, REI is sure to carry it. Find out more information about REI’s gear and services at www.rei.com. REI locations:

12634 N Paradise Village Pkwy. W, Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 996-5400  

870 N 54th St., Chandler, AZ 85226 (480) 940-4006

323 S Windsor Ln., Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 213-1914

160 W Wetmore Rd., Tucson, AZ 85705 (520) 887-1938

Competitive Cyclist


Competitive Cyclist, showcasing their endless selection of cycling products, is committed to providing top-of-the-line services. Their products and brands are hand selected by experts in the industry for the beginner and veteran alike. Competitive Cyclist boasts brands such as Pivot, Yeti, and Diamondback. A unique aspect of the company is their qualified personnel – referred to as their ‘Gearheads” – who specialize in assisting you. The Gearheads are your expert partners who will help you get on the road or dirt feeling as prepared as possible. If you’re interested in buying top-quality bikes that will allow you to maximize your potential in the sport, Competitive Cyclist is the place to go. For example, the Pinarello Paris Disk road bike and the Diamondback Sync’R 29 mountain bike are some of their hottest commodities. For the bikers in training, Competitive Cyclist showcases the Cleary Meerkat 5 speed bike for kids. Besides a helmet, another important accessory that Competitive Cyclist recommends is the Purist Backcountry Water Bottle that is listed at an affordable  $8.95. Browse their wide selection of gear and services at www.competitivecyclist.com. The store is located at 2607 3200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 – (888) 276-7130.

Thunder Mountain Bikes

Thunder Mountain Bikes, a bike shop local to Sedona, consists of a passionate, eager-to-serve team. What sets Thunder Mountain apart from other shops is their tight-knit staff that has decades of experience in the industry. They will welcome you with open arms, quick to talk about mountain biking and their passion for Sedona. Given the mountain biking mecca that is Sedona, Thunder Mountain specializes only in mountain biking. With some of the best brands in their possession, Thunder Mountain is ready to set their customers up with bikes from heavy-hitting brands such as Shimano, Osprey, and Evil. One of their most desirable bikes is ‘The Following’ manufactured by Evil. Thunder Mountain also has in stock a must-have accessory for every adventurer: the Sherpa 2.0 Car Rack. If you choose Thunder Mountain bikes, you will be sure to work with a team of zealous advocates for the sport of mountain biking. See all that this shop has to offer at www.thundermountainbikes.com. Thunder Mountain Bikes is located at 1695 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 – (928) 282-1106.

Global Bikes

Global Bikes is a locally owned and operated business that has been functioning successfully since 2001. This small business currently has five locations in the Phoenix Metro Area and has achieved national recognition by winning the NBDA America’s Best Bike Shop award. It is hard to find a selection more diverse, as Global Bikes offers road, mountain, electric, hybrid and kids’ bikes.

Aside from their ample options for high-quality gear and bicycles, it is Global’s factory-trained technicians that truly set the company apart. The accessibility and skill of these professionals make Global a top choice for all bicycle-related needs. One of the top-selling mountain bikes in Global’s hands is the Specialized Rockhopper. Specialized is also a leading manufacturer in its selection of road bikes, as the Sirrus X 2.0 is currently at the top of their list. These popular bikes are only a small snippet of their vast selection. Having ample supply of anything from a tricycle to full-fledged mountain bikes, Global also makes sure to provide the best quality for the kids. To give an example of their diverse and affordable selection of accessories and equipment, Global has bike locks starting at $7.95. Support this local business, while getting some of the best products around. Find out more at www.globalbikes.info. Global Bikes locations:

1010 W Southern Ave #3, Mesa, AZ 85210 – (602) 675-1774

835 N Gilbert Rd #111, Gilbert, AZ 85234 – (480) 892-1315

2915 W Ray Rd #10, Chandler, AZ 85224 – (480) 899-3625

3636 E Ray Rd #6, Phoenix, AZ 85044 (480) 706-0858

1055 S Arizona Ave #4, Chandler, AZ 85286 – (480) 782-8342

Fair Wheel Bikes

Tucson’s oldest and most reputable bike shop, Fair Wheel Bikes has been under the same ownership for more than 40 years. The business specializes in everything from top-tier road and mountain bikes, to the campus or beach cruiser. A unique trait of this business is that they are home to one of the top group rides in the country. Three different rides are held per week, each differing in pace and group size. This is a great way that Fair Wheel unites the community of road bicyclists and immerses itself in the community. This shop offers their customers a wide selection of complete bikes ranging from custom-made, to credible brands such as Evil, Specialized, and Parlee. In order to peruse their bikes and accessories for sale, you’ll need to visit their impressive in-store selection. Find out more about this shop by visiting www.fairwheelbikes.com. The store is located at 1110 E 6th St., Tucson, AZ 85719 – (520) 884-9018


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