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Natural Skincare for Men


By Michelle Talsma Everson

When Stacey Grondahl, a Valley-based aesthetician, laser technician and massage therapist, set out to create her own spa, she decided to change things up a bit and target a population who might not consider the usual spa treatments—men. Grondahl founded Simplicity, a Male Concept Spa, in Scottsdale, in August 2012. The spa is tailored for men, but welcoming to women as well.
Utilizing ingredients and treatments that are both natural and masculine, Simplicity offers the male set a place to rejuvenate and experience skin care treatments created with their specific needs in mind. We asked Grondahl some of her top skincare tips for men. Here’s what she had to say.

On men’s unique skincare concerns
Grondahl says that men are often concerned about the skin around their eyes, including dark circles and crow’s feet. Often, clinical treatments or over-the-counter products can help with those. She advices seeing a skincare professional before starting any work on the areas surrounding the eyes. She also notes that men are also more prone to skin cancer than women—and advises them to use sunscreen daily.

Daily skincare for men
Three words—cleanse, tone and protect. She encourages men (and ladies too!) to find products that multitask; for example, a moisturizer that is also a sunscreen, etc. She adds that men should keep it simple, and that less is more when it comes to the amount of products used. “You need to make daily skincare easy, super easy, something they’d be willing to do,” she says.

The difference

How do men’s skincare needs differ from women’s? From her own experiences, Grondahl says she has noticed that men’s skin is more “acidic,” meaning it can be thicker and take on pigment faster. She adds that their hair—especially facial hair—tends to be more resilient as well. Also, while women may age slowly, “men hit a wall, and then age rapidly from there,” she notes. “We can do skin maintenance that helps and slows down the look of the aging process,” she adds. “You can’t prevent aging, but you can slow it down.”

Natural treatments

At Simplicity, Grondahl uses a lot of ingredients that are indigenous to the Southwest, including cacti, blue agave tequila, and others. She also insists that men look into products that contain aloe vera because of the “protecting, healing and preventative” properties of the plant. Her spa also uses RAW Skincare for Men, a line that uses organic and plant-based ingredients.

What to look for in a spa

Grondahl says men should do their research first and find a comfortable spa with highly qualified people. “Are you looking for relaxation or for long-lasting results? Do you want a private area only for men? Also, make sure to keep the season in mind; summer is the time for maintenance treatments, winter is when you want to do more clinical treatments,” she adds.


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