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Best Up-Cycled Fashion: My Sister’s Closet

In our first Best Of Issue, Green Living Magazine is proud to acknowledge the individuals and businesses that have made a conscious and sustainable impact on the community — all as voted on by readers. Arizona has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and, as such, the focus on sustainability and living more healthful lives has also been in the spotlight. Here, we invite you to learn more about the movers and shakers in the green living space. Congratulations to Ann Siner and My Sister’s Closet!

When Ann Siner, founder and CEO of My Sister’s Closet, went on a resale shopping foray in Texas in 1990, she began to wonder about the retail resale options in Phoenix and Scottsdale. That’s when she realized the time was right to open a consignment store, along with her sisters (although Siner is now the sole owner). 

Today, Siner has nine stores (and is always looking for more locations) that sell thousands of consigned items each day. Her criteria for accepting items to consign are: the items must retail for at least $75, be no more than five or six years old, and be clean and in like-new condition. Consignments are accepted without appointment every day.

“Customers can expect the highest quality clothing and home furnishings at prices up to 90 percent below retail,” Siner says. “We put out thousands of new items every day, so theres always something new. Customers also can expect a pleasant and convenient shopping experience. We are open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.”

Over the years, customers told Siner how much they loved the business operations when there was only My Sisters Closet in 1991. “They suggested we open stores for men and home furnishings,” Siner says. “Well Suited started in 2001, and My Sisters Attic started in 1998. Shopping resale has become bragging rights compared to when we first opened 31 years ago. People are proud of the money saved and the fact they are reusing items.”

In addition to up-cycling women’s and men’s clothing and home furnishings, Siner eliminated single-use plastic in her company and stores in 2014. “We also opened our own thrift store for unsold items where 100 percent of the net profits go back to other nonprofit groups that help homeless pets, women, and wildlife,” she says. “We try to keep anything from ending up in the landfill.”

Over the past three years, My Sister’s Closet has donated $1 million to the Arizona Humane Society. “We also presented a check for $52,600 to Fresh Start Womens Foundation in June,” Siner says. www.mysisterscloset.com

Runner up: Redemption Market  www.redemptionmarket.com


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