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Maryvale Community Launches COVID-19 Testing and Food Donation Program

The program aims to address the epidemic of food insecurity.

Green Living magazine participated in the launch of the community-wide COVID-19 testing and food donation program through Maryvale, which aims to provide fresh, healthy food to community members in need.

Councilwoman Laura Pastor announced the partnership with Urban Farming Education (UFE), Vincere Cancer Center, and Green Living magazine on Monday morning in a press conference. She also explained that the program is designed to provide 80 free food boxes every other Monday at the city’s Maryvale Community Center.

“March for me is wellness month, and wellness month means many things to me. I am encouraging people [my constituents] to come in and get some food if they need it,” said Pastor.

She continued by saying that the community “wouldn’t be able to have wellness month without Green Living and Urban Farming Education.”

Food insecurity is an epidemic in itself—and it’s one that’s been made even more difficult to navigate amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is healthy food important for immunity, but also for our mental health.

Last year, Green Living and UFE joined forces to create the Fresh Food Collab (FFC), an initiative that works to redirect surplus food to those in need, with the goal of changing the narrative surrounding food scarcity.

The FFC team has made it their mission to support Valley families via the distribution of quality, healthy food. And their partnership with the Maryvale community aims to continue that undertaking.

“As we start to come out of the COVID crisis, access to healthy food will keep our brains functioning to the best of our abilities,” commented Dorie Morales, Green Living’s publisher. “We also need to continue to educate our community and business owners about food waste and lowering our impact on the planet.”

This week’s food contained 40 pounds of fresh produce, bagels and healthy snack options donated from New York Bagels ‘N Bialys, Cult Coffee, The Garden Goddess, Amici Catering, and Musically Fed.

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