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Luci’s for Lucia

Luci's Healthy Marketplace Lucia

Lucia Schnitzer, owner of Luci’s Healthy Marketplace in central Phoenix, uses her experience as a breast cancer survivor to provide patrons with healthy options and products to improve their life. Here is her story…

Lucia Schnitzer was diagnosed in 2006, after feeling pain while breastfeeding her then 6-month-old daughter, and subsequently discovering a lump. During her treatment and recovery, her husband Ken raised the idea of opening a coffee bar and health store. Although his idea was met with some resistance while Schnitzer battled her disease, she ultimately agreed, and Luci’s Healthy Marketplace started to take shape. During the interview, Schnitzer was overcome with emotion when talking about her husband, whose fight to open Luci’s while helping to raise their three children under five years old, who was fueled by the disease that struck his wife and sister-in-law – both ladies fought breast cancer at the same time. Once Schnitzer’s treatment plans were finalized, with the support of their family, Luci’s opened for business in 2008.

Luci's Healthy Marketplace Coffee BarThe market’s theme reflects the changes the Schnitzers made to their diets and personal-care products after her successful battle with cancer.  For example, instead of a hundred different supplements, they handpicked a few, and the shampoo, makeup and other product lines were also carefully selected so as to not overwhelm customers with endless choices, Schnitzer said.

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace is unique in that it’s not a typical commercial restaurant. It is a local neighborhood market that is continuously supporting the economy and surrounding communities. Lucia is at the marketplace every day, and her personal story makes the market unique and special to visitors. Her happy spirit is contagious, making guests feel right at home when they come to visit, eat or shop.

Today, Luci’s Healthy Marketplace has established itself as a landmark neighborhood market and has a large and loyal customer base. Luci’s has continued to grow internally and externally, and Ken and Lucia hope to open a second store within the next year or two.

Lucia was proud to say that she has been cancer-free for five years!

For more information on Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, please visit lucishealthymarketplace.com or call (602) 773-1339.


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