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Looking for a PURRfect pet? Look no FURther.

Have you been looking for a furry friend to call forever yours? With it being the busiest time of the year The Arizona Humane Society is hoping to get 750 animals adopted before the end of this month. Thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation this goal is definitely achievable. ALL AHS pets will now have waived adoption fees starting Monday, July 11th – July 31st. Come and visit to meet your FURever friend. A few of the many pets they have available are featured below.

Seline is an absolutely gorgeous five-year-old domestic shorthair brown tabby that was surrendered to AHS when her owner had to move and unfortunately could not bring her along. Over the span of 75 days and counting this unique kitty had become a favorite of the staff and volunteers at the Arizona Humane Society. 

She is a friendly, attention-seeking girl who has quite the quirky personality due to Hyperesthesia Syndrome. This condition presents as twitching skin and swishing of the trail, to which Seline responds by chasing her tail and deep purring while doing it. Her previous owner shared that she has done this since she was young, but she has never injured herself in the process. Just another fun quirk that comes when adopting this fun loving girl. 

With any cat, an adopter should provide lots of enrichment of regular “cat things” like toys, fun hiding spots, cat trees, and scratching posts. These types of things can be very beneficial for any cat’s mental and physical health.

Seline is a very sweet, silly, and playful feline who will bring her new family lots of love and laughter. Although she gets along with her human friends swimmingly, it is recommended she be the only cat in the house. She is ready and waiting to meet her FURever family!


Daisy, a three year old Boxer, was surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society in April of this year. Even though she can be shy at first she is a charming pup who absolutely adores being the center of attention and would love a home that will allow her to blossom into her true self. 

Being a very smart and energetic pup, Daisy enjoys playing with puzzle toys and using a slow feeder. These not only allow her to get some tasty treats but also allow her to get some mental stimulation in the process. Any type of toy to get this smart girl using her brain is a toy she would love to play with. 

With a lot of energy also comes a love for the outdoors. Daisy has learned to walk great on the leash, knows how to sit, and is even potty trained. Additionally, Daisy’s nubby tail really gets wiggling when she gets her favorite type of pets – booty scratches!

Do you want a wiggly best friend who loves pets and does amazing on the leash? Then Rocky is your perfect pet! He is a nine-year-old Staffordshire mix who was brought into the Arizona Humane Society because his owner no longer had the means to care for him. 

Although he may be a little shy at first once you get to know this sweet boy will be begging for your attention. Like most pups, Rocky still has that inner puppy inside and his perfect day consists of lots of playing, tons of cuddles from his human friends and learning even more tricks that he already knows. Rocky is an obedient pup who knows his basic commands but would love to bond with his human by learning even more! He loves putting in the extra work to learn and please his new human friend, especially if it includes getting some treats in the process! 

The perfect home for Rocky is out there and he is ready to find it. He would do best by meeting your pups before the adoption day to ensure their energy levels are a good fit and he will need a cat/critter free home. 


The Arizona Humane Society’s Virtual Matchmaking Adoptions by appointment is available to place pets with their forever families. Interested adopters can view available pets, like sweet Seline, Daisy, or Rocky and schedule an appointment online at azhumane.org/adopt. Please take careful time and consideration before adopting. 



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