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Cool Outrageous Stuff: Limiting Waste this Holiday Season


Wrapeez Reusable Stretch Fabric Gift Wrap

The fact that much of the wrapping paper used during the holidays is not recyclable – is a frightening truth behind our sweet Christmas tradition. It is jarring to realize that Americans alone are spending billions of dollars per year on wrapping paper that is only used once. Wrapeez is paving the way for eliminating this yearly cycle of avoidable waste with their reusable gift wrap. Available in different sizes and a variety of eclectic designs, Wrapeez will save you money in the long run and significantly lower the amount of waste you produce in a lifetime. Hop on this trend that has a gargantuan impact on the well-being of our planet!

Available as cardholders, wine/spirit wrap and standard gift wrap: https://www.wrapeez.com/new-folder


The Holiday Aisle Solar String Lights

The benefits of using solar energy for your Christmas lights are unmatched. Using solar-powered lights is cost-effective – regarding the electricity bill – and helps you to do your part in being sustainable this holiday season. The solar string lights by Holiday Aisle are completely solar-powered and are intended for outdoor use. The company encourages users to wrap their trees, bushes and houses with these convenient and conscious lights. There are a variety of colors offered in strands of 100 lights. A solar panel is included with every purchase and the lights can be expected to shine brightly for 6-8 hours after a day of charging.

Starting from $21.99 at https://www.wayfair.com/brand/cat/the-holiday-aisle-home-lighting-c1874887.html

One Tree Planted Custom Greeting Cards

As much as Christmas cards stir up sentimentality and are a perfect expression of care for loved ones, most cards end up being discarded once the holiday has passed. Therefore, it makes a world of a difference when these cards are made out of recyclable materials. One Tree Planted, a global nonprofit focusing on reforestation, has started making custom greeting cards from 100% recycled paper. With every purchase made, the organization has committed to planting one tree. This season, not only will your loved ones receive a special holiday greeting in the mail, but one tree is being added to the planet because of you.

Cards available for $10.00 at https://onetreeplanted.org/collections/shop/products/custom-card-that-plants-trees


Recycled Artificial Christmas Tree by Oncor 

If you’re willing to sacrifice the experience of having a live tree in your home, Oncor is the way to go for your next artificial tree. When hearing the word “artificial,” the thought of excessive plastic waste may come to mind. Oncor, however, has been paving the way for a different type of artificial tree. Their trees are marketed as completely eco-friendly, as they are made from 100% lead-free, recycled PVC plastic. Oncor is intentional to remain eco-conscious throughout all aspects of their business, as their trees are also packaged in robust cardboard made from recycled materials. Do not think that the sustainability of these products compromises their durability, as Oncor boasts a 30-year lifespan for their products. Not only are you taking a leap toward living a greener life, but you will be gaining a quality, eco-friendly product that will keep your holiday tradition alive.

Available in different sizes and styles at https://oncortrees.com/collections/all

Compost Bin by Exaco Trading Co.

Looking for a gift that is practical and thoughtful, but outside of the box? There is no better fit than the affordable, high- quality compost bins made by Exaco Trading Co. Composting is the process of using organic matter such as fruit, vegetable, or natural food scraps to make fertilizer. All that you need to do is put the organic matter in one spot and let the process of decomposition do the rest. Once the process is finished, you will have some of the most effective fertilizer that can be used for houseplants and the garden alike. If you do not have a use for compost, your local green thumb would likely be overjoyed to take it off your hands. This is sure to make a meaningful gift backed by eco-consciousness.

Starting at $29.99 at various retailers: https://www.exaco.com/2-n-1-kitchen-compost-bucket.php



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