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This Japanese Superfood Brand Is Making Fermented Products More Accessible

The benefits of fermentation have shown to be effective in improving everything from gut health, to immunity and vitality. While the science behind the process has long been extraordinary, Manda USA is working now to make fermented products accessible too.

Over 300 years ago, the company originally operated as a sake distillery. Since then, the Matsuura family and the team behind Manda USA translated their knowledge of fermentation—inspired by their extensive work with sake—into another focus, which revolved primarily around nutritional supplements.

Now, after ​23 years of intensive research and experimentation, the Manda USA brand has given birth to one of Japan’s best selling health supplements—plus a number of other products that promote good gut health and immunity.

Photo courtesy Manda USA.

Manda’s product offerings all boast impressive ingredient lists which are plant-based and chock-full of fresh, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Made from over 53 raw, botanical ingredients, Manda’s Superfood and Superdrink options are designed to tap into the undeniable benefits of fermentation to create effective, health-focused products.

The Japanese Superfood product is a paste-centric prebiotic that can be squeezed directly into the mouth or added to a healthy drink of choice. The Superfood boasts lactic, acetic, and amino to better facilitate smooth digestion and nutrient absorption.

Manda’s Superdrink product is both a prebiotic and probiotic green drink powder made up of the original Superfood, plus mulberry leaves, barley leaves, matcha, and Sporogenous Lactobacillus. The Superdrink is designed to help absorb the recommended daily vegetable intake in one serving. The mixture need only be added into a glass of water, or any preferred food or drink option.

Photo courtesy Manda USA.

The best part of Manda’s product offerings is the guaranteed freshness that’s notably flavored in each Japanese Superfood or Superdrink.

This fresh flavoring is a result of Manda’s commitment to modular farming—in fact, the company has created its own modular farm, Manda Farm, which is located in New York and promotes sustainable farming—and an authentic ingredient makeup.

Manda relies on carefully sourced ingredients like ripe fruit, grains, edible sea algae, and nutrient-dense veggies of the soil (Kakokusousai)—all of which are fermented at the company’s factory—that undergo a thoughtful, natural fermentation process and is eventually condensed into each individual sachet.

For more information on Manda USA and to purchase the brand’s fermented products, visit www.mandausa.com.

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