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Indipop Bursts the Health Insurance Industry Bubble

by Lisa Cardinale

There are more self-employed workers in the United States this year than any other time in history. The approximate 64.6 million independent workers who freelance, own small businesses, or consider themselves entrepreneurs may have the benefit of being in charge and living out their dreams, but a common struggle they all face is the substantial cost of healthcare insurance.

This became the reality for Arizonan Melissa Blatt after she left her long-term corporate career in 2019 to pursue new interests and ambitions. Upon researching options for healthcare, Blatt was shocked to see the high costs of COBRA and other plans that she found online. She quickly discovered that most of the options provided to her were simply unaffordable. Through her frustration and desire for a resolution that could help others who were self-employed, the concept of indipop was born.

“I found my solution in healthshares. Although not mainstream, they are a different approach to managing medical needs, with fair medical pricing, concierge care, and lower monthly rates,” Blatt said. “I created indipop because I want to offer you the same solutions. Then you, too, can be free to do your best work and pursue your dreams, without worrying about ‘what-if’ scenarios.”

This new, subscription-based healthcare option is a game-changer that is disrupting the $1 trillion healthcare industry. The service takes the time to research and vet dozens of programs in advance. It helps consumers find the perfect plan to suit their needs and offers an easy online enrollment and registration process. Another unique feature is there is no open-enrollment period to work around. Individuals can shop for a plan that costs as low as $35 a month, 365 days a year from the comfort of their homes.

So how does a healthshare like indipop work? In short, members of the plan become part of a community that shares the cost of medical needs. So, instead of paying a premium, members pay a ‘contribution’ or ‘membership.’ And the deductible becomes a ‘member responsibility or unshareable amount.’ Instead of a covered expense, a member has a ‘shared expense’ with the community. Finally, a claim becomes a ‘need.’ Healthshares are further differentiated from traditional insurance plans in the way that they are not regulated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Because the ACA mandates health insurance companies to cover a variety of health concerns or needs that not everyone requires, many people often wind up paying for countless services they never use. This is not the case with healthshares and is one of the reasons that the plans are more affordable.

On average, indipop costs 20-70% less than most conventional health insurance plans. It can be purchased for individuals, families, or even small businesses. Another perk is that there is no lifetime or annual cap to worry about, and there is much more flexibility with what is covered or even considered a pre-existing condition.

The monthly plan for all indipop clients includes concierge care, major medical, and 24-hour telehealth visits. When a medical problem arises, the first step is to contact the concierge or ‘care team’ by phone or by using the app. They will listen to the client’s problem and help guide them to the best route for their specific medical need, which could be a telehealth visit, primary care appointment, a trip to urgent care or even to the emergency room, in severe cases. However, for common illnesses, such as pink eye or a sore throat, a client may end up paying nothing at all and getting a prescription called in from home after a convenient telehealth visit.

Those who are concerned with having to change their trusted primary care doctor can rest assured that several plans offer open networks, so finding a new doctor may not be necessary with indipop. Other plans provide an extremely large PHCS, or multi-plan, with deep discounts. A member’s favorite healthcare provider can even be nominated to become part of the network if they aren’t already. There are a variety of options to choose from when selecting an indipop plan. For instance, one plan offers unlimited primary care visits for the entire family, which may be especially beneficial for those with children. And with other plans, an office visit may have no out-of-pocket costs and preventative care may be included for free. No matter which plan is selected, all indipop subscriptions cover maternity costs. Dental and vision insurance may also be purchased for only $100 a year, and there are no waiting periods, restrictions, or limitations to that coverage.

Subscription healthcare, such as indipop, is the key to affordability, convenience, and flexibility, regardless of the situation at hand. Providing an alternative approach to managing healthcare needs in a more personable, customized way is one of many reasons millions of people are switching from traditional insurance plans to subscription healthcare today. Indipop is built to fit the budgets and lifestyles of everyone, regardless of their financial or employment status. More info at indipop.co.


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