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He’s Green, She’s Green: Delicious Desserts

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by John and Jennifer Burkhart

Whether the romance of February 14th is something that you look forward to or dread, there’s still no better day to indulge in some delicious desserts. We reviewed some eco-­friendly ice cream so you can satisfy your sweet tooth!

Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss | Summer Berry SwirlLunaLarryBerry copy

HE  SAID:  I am an ice cream junkie. So, if I ever become lactose intolerant (knock on wood) I would probably turn to Coconut Bliss to get my fix. This ice cream was smooth and sweet, and the berry swirl added a nice fruity aftertaste. This was definitely my favorite of the non-dairy bunch that we sampled.

He gave it: ★★★★

SHE  SAID:  I love how this is creamy like ice cream, but without all those extra calories! Although I’d have named it “vanilla coconut” because there just weren’t enough sweet berry swirls for my taste. Even so, it made a perfect a la mode to my apple pie.

She gave it: ★★★★

Steve’s Ice Cream | Salty CaramelSteve's

HE SAID:  Sorry to say, there’s just no replacing the real deal for me. Steve’s ice cream was as smooth as silk and had a wonderful caramel flavor and just a hint of salt. Now, I know that cutting out dairy and beef is one of the best ways to help the ozone, but this is one product I’m just not going to be able to give up. Darn you, ice cream! Why must you be so good?!

He gave it: ★★★★★

SHE SAID: If frozen coconut milk just isn’t your thing, treat your tummy and the planet by choosing ice cream made from the milk of small-­farm grass-­fed cows. Steve’s has the market covered with this amazing treat. Every spoonful was a super creamy, caramel-­y bite of heaven.

She gave it: ★★★★★

Julie’s Organic | More Chocolate
Julie's Organic

HE SAID: Chocolate to the rescue! Got some watery coconut ice cream you don’t know what to do with? Throw a ton of chocolate in it! It’s a bold strategy, and in Julie’s case, it worked. The chocolate flavor was quite good, and the dark chocolate flakes helped to mask the icy consistency.

He gave it: ★★★★

SHE SAID: Julie’s makes some delicious desserts, but sadly, this wasn’t among the best of them. I enjoyed the rich chocolate flavor and tiny chocolate chips, but it was very icy. Maybe it’s a personal preference, but I prefer my non-­dairy ice cream to be creamy.

She gave it: ★★★

Amy’s Kitchen | Vanilla

Amy'sVanillaHE  SAID:  Amy’s has raised the coconut ice cream bar with this one. It was super smooth, light and fluffy, which means they must have whipped it . . . whipped it good. It had a bit of the frosty finish that I’ve come to expect from coconut ice cream, but it was definitely lacking in vanilla flavor. I’d re-label this one a sweet cream.

He gave it: ★★★

SHE SAID: Amy’s did a good job making a creamy coconut milk ice cream. It wasn’t as icy as the others we tried. And as plain as vanilla can be, I thought this was really good. I’d definitely be interested in trying more flavors byon to something!

She gave it: ★★★

Vixen Kitchen | Chai & IVixen Kitchen

HE SAID: I do enjoy a hot chai on a cold day, and I quite like a smooth gelato on a hot day. But there was a mystery afoot with this chai gelato. The chai flavor was good, but the texture was icy and it had a chalk-like finish. So, by using the power of deduction, I can conclude that the cashews are the real villain that killed this sweet treat! Elementary, my dear readers…elementary.

He gave it: 

SHE SAID: Cashew milk ice cream? Now we’re getting creative. This had a much milder base, unlike flavorful coconut milk, but it still lacked the creamy texture of real milk. When I could actually taste it, the Chai flavor was spot on, but overall, it was way too bland.

She gave it: ★★

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