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He’s Green, She’s Green: Valentines Day

Product reviews from our eco-conscious couple John & Jennifer Burkhart

He's Green She's Green

Soothing Touch Lavender Herbal Salt Scrub

HE SAID: This salt scrub smelled great and had a really nice fine grit for exfoliation. There are probably tons of people out there that love this product (my wife included), but it was
totally lost on me. I really don’t like oil- or wax-based shower products. I want to get out of a bath feeling clean. I don’t want to get out of a bath feeling like I’ve just been marinated.

SHE SAID: Does this scrub leave your skin glistening and silky smooth? Yep. Does it smell like lovely lavender? Mmmhmm. Do the rich oils leave you greased up to the point of risking life and limb just stepping out of the shower? You bet! Handy tip: rinse THOROUGHLY before attempting to move.

Soothing Touch W67365L2 Salt Scrub Lavender, 20-Ounce


GiGi Prosecco

HE SAID: A wise man once said, “There’s a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the years.” Nothing says let’s celebrate better than a little bit of the bubbly, and this Gigi prosecco had plenty of those. It had a tart green apple and pear flavor with a hint of melon in the finish. This will help you celebrate each other this Valentine’s day, no matter what’s your pleasure.

SHE SAID: I’ve never been a fan of champagne, so the discovery of prosecco has been exciting! I can celebrate with something that actually tastes good! This affordable sparkling wine is made with organic grapes (yeah!) and was perfectly balanced between sweet and dry. The peach, pear and apple notes were so tasty. Perfect with dinner with your sweetheart. Cheers!

Gigi Prosecco, Sparkling Wine from Prosecco, Italy


Bodyceuticals Calendula Raspberry Lip Balm

HE SAID: A good lip balm is a must-have in the desert. Especially in the dry winter months… and the dry summer months too. This Bodyceuticals (I’m not too keen on the name) lip balm tasted like raspberry candy and left my lips feeling nice and refreshed. Remember to smile; it’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.

SHE SAID: If you’re in the mood for a little romance, don’t get caught with dry lips!! This organic lip balm should do the trick. It was smooth, with a light raspberry scent. Yum. I wouldn’t say it cured my wintry-dry lips, but definitely made them soft and hydrated for a while. I love the simple recipe – just five ingredients.

Organic Calendula + Raspberry Lip Balm


Flax4life Gluten-Free Flax Mini Muffins, Chocolate Brownie

HE SAID: Gluten schmuten! We don’t need no gluten to have yummy brownies. These little guys were delicious, chocolatey and fluffy – everything I require from my brownies. Is it just me or does Flax4Life sound like something you’d shout out at a party? “We’re gonna do a round of flax milk shots… Flax4Life!”

SHE SAID: I haven’t perfected my gluten-free/dairy-free baking skills, so these worked perfectly for our son’s birthday party. I topped them with frosting and sprinkles, and nestled them in a pretty paper cupcake liner. They’d be perfect for Valentine’s treats too! They had a texture like a firm brownie, with a very rich, delicious chocolate flavor. SO good!!

Chocolate Brownies by Flax 4 Life


Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss

HE SAID: I could tell this wasn’t the best ice cream before I tasted it. How, you ask? Because it had been in our freezer for about 5 days and the tub was still mostly full. Normally ice cream doesn’t last that long around here. I didn’t find anything bad with this ice cream, but I didn’t find anything good either. Ginger cookie batter and coconut ice cream just really don’t go together.

SHE SAID: Impressively creamy for a non-dairy ice cream. BUT, this flavor is just….no. The intensely sweet ribbons of spicy, grainy sludge were enough to send me into a pre-diabetic coma, while reaching for a glass of water to cleanse my palate.

Organic Ginger Cookie + Caramel, Dairy Free Frozen Dessert



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