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He’s Green, She’s Green: Stress-Relieving Products

By John Burkhart and Jennifer Burkhart

For many people, the new year is a way to start fresh and make positive changes. I don’t think anyone can argue that reducing stress is a positive change. How about some products that may help you find that moment of zen during the day? Or maybe some more peaceful zzzs?


Smith & Vandiver | De-stress Spa Shower Tablets, Neroli & Chamomile

HE SAID: I don’t get this one. It’s basically a giant neroli Alka-Seltzer for your shower, except it doesn’t get rid of hangovers. It had a strong floral smell that was pleasant, but my soap and shampoo have a pleasant floral aroma, too. I’m going to file this one under superfluous.

He gave it: ★★

SHE SAID: The heavenly scent of these tablets was instantly calming. They literally made me say, “Ahhhhh,” and also wonder if fashioning one into a necklace so I could smell it all day would be a fashion “don’t.” If only the tablet lasted more than two minutes in the shower …

She gave it: ★★★★


J.R. Watkins | Warming Balm, Natural Menthol and Methyl Salicylate

HE SAID: I didn’t have any sore muscles at the time of these reviews, so I just rubbed this on my arm randomly. The first thing I noticed was a menthol blast. It was like jamming two Wint-o-green Lifesavers up my nose. It had a numbing effect on my bicep, but at the same time made the skin on my arm almost painful to touch. I would use this in extreme cases only.

He gave it: ★★★                               

SHE SAID: Who doesn’t love a smell that brings back memories of old sports injuries and Grandpa’s arthritis? Yep, smells like good ‘ol Bengay. The balm took about a minute before warming up, and then the warm and cool sensations eased my aching shoulder blades for a good 15 minutes.

She gave it:

Earth Therapeutics | Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist, Valerian and Lavender

HE SAID: Another product that makes me go, “Huh?” Let me get this straight. I spray this stuff directly on my pillow, and it will help me sleep? Is there chloroform in it? Last time I checked, you need to ingest valerian root in order for it to have any effects on sleep. It had a pleasant mellow scent, but I can’t see this as anything but a bedroom air freshener.

He gave it:

SHE SAID: This unusual blend of oils made for a sweet-smelling mist to fall asleep to. Maybe it was a coincidence or pure holiday exhaustion, but I sure slept soundly after spraying this on my pillow. At the very least, it made my linens smell lovely.

She gave it:

Shea Moisture | Bubble Bath & Body Wash, Lavender & Wild Orchid

HE SAID: I liked this body wash/bubble bath. It left my skin feeling clean and hydrated after the shower. It also made a killer bubble bath. The kids were making bubble beards throughout their entire bath. The lavender and wild orchid fragrance was nice and calming.

He gave it:

SHE SAID: A warm bath by itself is so relaxing, especially with the right aromas. This one was more distracting. I didn’t like the fruity perfume-like scent. As a body wash, it did feel creamy and moisturizing, though, which was great!

She gave it:

Cozy Hugs | Aromatherapy Animal Pillow

HE SAID: Someone needs to make one of these into Olaf from “Frozen,” cause he likes warm hugs. That’s a million-dollar idea right there. Perfect for cuddling with on a cold winter night, these are a pretty cute and cozy replacement for your hot water bottle (if anybody still uses those?). Just make sure not to microwave it for too long, or it will turn from a cozy hug to a fiery embrace.

He gave it:

SHE SAID: Animal lovers will love this! You can have a stuffed lavender-scented fox, owl or bear to cuddle your aches away with cold or heat. The fox stayed toasty on my shoulders with the legs keeping him stable. There’s not much flat surface area though, so the owl might be a better choice. Sadly, after just a couple uses, my poor fox needed surgery as a seam in his neck came loose.

She gave it:


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