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He’s Green She’s Green: Holiday Beverages

By John Burkhart and Jennifer Burkhart

The most wonderful time of year can also be the most stressful time of year. Well, we say it’s time to, take back the Holidays! Enjoy the season with family and friends however you see fit, even if that means shopping less, decorating less or RSVPing “no” to an invite. Need a festive beverage to sip while enjoying your extra time by the fire? Take a peek at our list.



365 Organic | spiced punch (USDA organic)

HE SAID: What an odd duck this one was. Like someone accidentally spilled fruit juice in apple cider. It smacks you in the mouth with intense apple and clove flavors up front, then moves to a citrus and elderberry finish. Give this a shot if you’re sick of apple cider, and definitely drink it hot.

He gave it: ★★★

SHE SAID: This was alright cold, but warm was definitely tastier! It’s like a festive, fancy apple cider that might just banish those icky winter germs. Elderberry, citrus and ginger are great germ-fighters! The sweet apple, tart elderberry and light spice make an exciting drink most holiday guests would like.

She gave it: ★★★


Deschutes | jubelale, a festive winter ale (USDA organic)

HE SAID: Somebody at Green Living had to try this beer so you, the reader, could know what it was like. It’s a tough job, but I decided to step up and take one for the team. This winter ale was scrumptious. It tasted very similar to a stout with strong cocoa and malt flavors, but it was lighter and less bready than a stout.

He gave it: ★★★★

SHE SAID: While organic beers are hard to come by, there are still ways to choose a more “ethical” beer. This family-owned brewery crafts vegan beers and uses mostly non-GMO ingredients (dextrose is not certified non-GMO). With its colorful snowflake label, this would be a tasty holiday party addition. It’s a little on the heavy side with decent hoppiness, a hint of warm spice, and finishing with a sweet-and-sour flavor. Yum!

She gave it: ★★★★



Organic Valley | eggnog (USDA organic)

HE SAID: It isn’t officially the holiday season until I’ve had a cup of eggnog. This Organic Valley eggnog is the cream of the crop. It’s a heavy-cream style but light and smooth with the perfect balance of sweet and spice. This was good warmed with a splash of brandy or cold straight from the carton.

He gave it: ★★★★★

SHE SAID: Even though it was lightly spiced and less sweet, it was a nice break from the sugar-heavy nog choices out there. A no-frills creamy treat that the kiddos might enjoy, but I’d add some “frills” for the adults to jazz it up a bit and help power through the 200th playing of “Jingle Bells.”

She gave it: ★★★



Cocoa Metro | belgian drinking chocolate (USDA organic)

HE SAID: This Cocoa Metro beats the pants off all other instant hot chocolate mixes. However, it’s not really a fair fight because they add chunks of real chocolate to their mix. Seriously, this hot cocoa is an astronaut, and all other instant cocoas are jet pilots. Cocoa Metro is in a world of its own.

He gave it: ★★★★★

SHE SAID: You know that favorite box of Raisin Bran stashed in the back of the pantry with the leftover Halloween candy you’re hiding from your kids/roomie/partner/family member? You’d better stuff this in there, too. This decadent chocolate experience is better appreciated by adults, anyway, because it was (spendy) amaaazing.

She gave it: ★★★★★


North Coast | apple cider (USDA organic)

HE SAID: I have fond childhood memories of coming in from the snow to a hot cup of apple cider. There’s nothing better at warming your bones on cold winter day. This North Coast cider had a nice smooth yet tart apple flavor. It did have an odd, almost slimy mouthfeel, though. Not sure what that was about.

He gave it: ★★★

SHE SAID: This blend of apples was tasty cold, but warming it up brought out tons of flavor. I would definitely simmer this in a crock pot with mulling spices for a delicious drink for all – and your house will smell amazing, too!

She gave it: ★★★★


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