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Growing Up Green- Cool Outrageous Stuff

Here are some Cool, Outrageous, and eco-conscious essentials for kids this upcoming school year.


  1. A Big Haul for the Planet

This sustainable dump truck is ready to get working for the planet. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and made 100% from recycled plastic milk containers, this is a purchase of which parents can feel proud. This toy and others in the Green Toys catalog illustrate how playtime can have a positive environmental impact by giving recycled materials a new life. This reduces waste and significantly cuts back on the energy required during production. This truck comes in a wide array of colors and can overcome the messiest play sessions by simply throwing it in the dishwasher. Customers rave that it’s beautifully built, durable, and popular with boys and girls of all ages. $29.99 at www.greentoys.com.


2. Lunch on a Mission

In 2008, a mom with two young boys ditched disposable food packaging out of concern for the health and environmental impacts found in plastic. LunchBots was founded to solve this issue by creating stainless steel bento boxes that can be easily packed and reused for school lunches. They come in a variety of sizes with multiple compartment options to match the needs of your kid, ranging from small snacks to fitting full meals! In addition to the box itself, LunchBots also offers sustainable stainless-steel accessories such as dip containers (made to fit inside the box), salad bowls, and insulated bottles. These bento boxes are so durable that they claim to last your kid from preschool to college. Check out their size guide to find the right box for you, based on the amount of food you plan to pack. You might even get one for yourself! $20.99 and up at www.lunchbots.com.


3. Impact They Can Wear

The clothing industry is notorious for heavy environmental costs when it comes to their production processes and consumption of natural resources. Pact is on a mission to change that narrative and become Earth’s favorite clothing company. The products are Fair Trade CertifiedTM, which means they focus on safe working conditions, protecting the environment, building sustainable livelihoods, and earning additional money to empower and uplift the communities that work for them. The company also chooses to use organic cotton to save water and avoid contact with harmful chemicals. In fact, this information is all at your fingertips while you shop. On any given product you select on the website, you can read about where it’s made, how many gallons of water were saved, and how many people were empowered through its production. Making a good choice for the planet has never been more comfortable! Shirt pictured: $20 at www.wearpact.com.


4. A Desk They Won’t Outgrow

Kids grow quickly for the first several years of their life, and between all the new clothes, furniture, and supplies, it can be hard to keep up with. The team at Eco-Tribe found a way to lessen this burden by creating an adaptable all-in-one station where kids can work, study, and play through all stages of life. The height of both the desk and chair is easily adjustable with three different height combinations, and the whole unit can even convert to a magnetic whiteboard easel (a chalkboard option is also available). The unit is made from strong, durable plywood sourced from European beech wood and thus requires much less energy to produce in comparison to other available resources. This clever desk not only eliminates the task of upsizing furniture but is sustainably thoughtful in its construction and longevity. $397 at www.eco-tribe.com.


5. Food-Safe Finger Paint

Parents everywhere now have an all-natural, food-safe alternative to traditional paints for their kids’s first art projects. Eco-Kids USA is a woman-founded, family-owned business that understands the importance of creating safe and enjoyable products for kids. Already a bestseller, its finger-paint formula uses food-safe, non-GMO ingredients including tapioca, rice and potato starches, and Gum Arabic (from trees). For the pop of color, it uses food-grade pigments such as cabbage, beet, carrot, and turmeric. You can even count on sustainable packaging—this product arrives at your door wrapped in paper made with a high percentage of recycled material. When it’s time to create, simply mix the amount of paint you want to use with water and watch your little artist create a masterpiece everyone can feel good about. $18.99 at www.ecokidsusa.com.

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