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Green Living Magazine Acquired by Former Principal

Friday December 7, 2012
Phone: 480.840.1589
Email: submissions@greenlivingaz.com

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ)Green Living magazine, a premier sustainable lifestyle publication, was recently acquired by former Principal Dorie Morales. Morales has been in the publishing industry for over 15 years and continues to bring her expertise and knowledge to the forefront of the industry.

“I am excited to lead this magazine and promote the importance of sustainability and local businesses. Our supporters have helped us fuel this message and encourage our neighbors, near and far, to embrace a green lifestyle. I am proud of my hard-working and talented staff at Green Living, and am grateful for them,” Morales states.

Green Living will continue with their print version while boosting their online presence and offering an enhanced digital version-both versions will expand coverage in the area of fashion, beauty, gardening, nutrition, clean energy and green business.

“We are responding to our readers and supporters by offering more in-depth coverage of topics of interest. We will continue to educate, empower and inspire our communities to go green,” Morales said.

About Green Living magazine

Green Living magazine is an eco-conscious lifestyle magazine centered around your daily life and the way you express yourself as you Live Green, Work Green, and Play Green. We offer the latest in products, fashion, wellness, and home while enlivening you to make a difference in our environment. Our content is modern and has a widespread reach. Green Living magazine is designed to empower you with new ideas and inspirations using natures resources to lead you to a more sustainable you.


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