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GALEANA 39 Unveils Zero Waste Concept in Downtown Phoenix


By Jessica Marie

The GALEANA 39 space has always been special, super-charged, one may say after visiting. The vibe and the visionary shop curator are so fresh, so exciting it’s nearly impossible to leave without a smile. It comes as no surprise this will be home to a most extensive collection of Zero Waste products, raising the bar for how we can reduce our footprints and still live our best life.

What zero waste entails

Launching March 2020, shoppers will be able to purchase locally and consciously crafted liquid soaps, body washes, laundry powder, dish soap bars, citrus shampoo bars, creosote shave bars, bath soaks, lotions bars, and shower steamers by the piece or by the ounce in their own vessel or a reusable one available for purchase. These locally crafted options are accentuated with natural fiber dish brush options, Swedish dish towels, loofah sponges, soap saver bags, eco-toothbrushes and floss.

GALEANA 39, located at 1736A E McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85006, has considered every aspect of caring for our homes and bodies and created a Zero Waste collection completely unique and so exquisite that parting with the packaging is a welcomed change. The potential impact of everyday small decisions is cumulative and becoming more and more evident with the ripple effect of mindful living. Sometimes it’s daunting to consider how far we must progress to gauge a difference being made. A reusable grocery bag, buying in bulk, recycling, and consuming less all seem minor in comparison to the “big” planetary issues on the forefront.

Throughout Green Living’s decade of publications, it has become a reality that many little changes are creating a big movement. It’s a whole lot easier to walk the path towards global improvement when it smells and feels as lovely as the products offered in this bohemian-inspired boutique.

Why Zero Waste and what exactly does it mean?

Green Living published an article in the December 2010 issue titled “A Zero Waste Arizona,” by Kristi Eaton. A decade ago, this movement was defined as “the idea that the entire concept of waste should be eliminated.” In doing so, waste becomes a resource or a reusable/recyclable product.

Fast-forward 10 years and great progress has been made, although there still exists (always exists) room for improvement. Zero Waste concepts are beginning to take-hold internationally spanning groceries, home, and body care. There are options for purchasing the highest quality products, often locally crafted and at discount prices, due to the elimination of excessive packaging, in nearly every major city. 

Humans are messy. We spill stuff, then must devise ways to clean it up. We spray stuff and then find out the long-term implications are disastrous. We modify stuff and then realize the original version was much healthier and adapted perfectly. We also have a downloaded mentality of convenience, that’s caused a lot of waste to build up in our landfills. Plastic packaging requires anywhere from 10-1,000 years to degrade, depending on the type of plastic. Microplastics in our air, water, and soil equate to the average human consuming over 1,000 pieces of plastic per year. The collective conscious has recognized a dire need for a shift and that time is upon us. Zero Waste products provide a space for the consumer to significantly reduce their eco-footprint, while also enjoying new environmentally friendly options for everyday life needs.

What is it like inside?

It’s a sunny, gorgeous Phoenix Saturday and GALEANA 39 is hopping! People are flowing in the front door, chatting, laughing enjoying a leisurely coffee. This space hums with life. The brilliant Arizona sun is shining in the front window illuminating each hand-selected piece, dancing off the gorgeous ceramics and unique glass finds. The scent of Palo Santo is fresh in the air. There’s a delicate aroma of orange blossoms wafting through the space from the owner’s one-of-a-kind hand poured candles. There are shelves of home and body care products and the tiny clinking of glass jars as customers fill up their jars and take in the sensory delight of how easy it is to be green.

“This is really good.”

 “Have you smelled this?”

 “I love this.”

Murmurs escape the crowd as they pine over this eclectic collection of all goods wonderfully unique for home and human. It’s so easy to be swept into the race of each day, accomplishing tasks one by one to check them off the list. The convenience may often take precedence to a truly mindful experience, a pleasureful memory. Step into this space and slow down, if only for a few moments. Breathe. Enjoy the positive impact being made by shopping local, Zero Waste, and with intent.  The moment one thinks they have addressed each of their senses, there’s just a little bit more to absorb and enjoy at GALEANA 39. Bring a jar and take a little piece of this peace back home with you. 

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Jessica Marie is an entrepreneur, mother, writer, and owner of Aster Earth Soapery. She  lives and works in Chandler, with her three beautiful children.


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