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Green Living Celebrates Volunteers of the Fresh Food Collaboration

On April 28, local organizations and volunteers gathered with Urban Farming Education and Green Living magazine at Agave Farms to recognize the work that the Fresh Food Collab volunteers have contributed.

By joining the Fresh Food Collaboration to host food drives, cook and deliver hot meals, create educational videos, and build gardens, the organization has been able to serve fresh and nutritionally balanced meals to over 64,600 Phoenix residents. To all the volunteers—thank you!

Cesar Chavez High School’s drumline performs


Representatives from Agave Farms recognizes volunteers

Representatives from Agave Farms gives out succulents to all attendees

Speakers present awards and present calls to action

A Laveen employee watches and listens to performers and speakers

The sun sets over Agave Farms in the heart of Downtown Phoenix

To learn more about the Fresh Food Collaboration, visit www.weareufe.org/fresh-food-collab-about-ffc.

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