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He’s Green, She’s Green: Fall Tastes

Holiday-themed products to get you in the spirit this season

Nothing beats the crisp cool air and color-changing leaves of fall. We love it! Not to mention more holidays and fun new fall-themed products to try! We grabbed a few interesting or unusual seasonal foods to try this month. Hope you enjoy reading, and may they spark some creative ideas for your holiday celebrations. 


Organic Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls

He Said: If you’ve read any of our past reviews, you’d know that I am not a pumpkin spice guy. So I wasn’t too happy when Jen picked these out, but I soldiered on like a good product reviewer. One bite and an astonished smile appeared on my face. These were crunchy, gooey and sweet with a hint of clove in the icing that rounded the flavor out perfectly. Way, WAY better than the original.

5 stars

She Said: Oh man, BAKE THESE if you’re having company over, or need to sell a house! Our house smelled heavenly, and these tasted even better. The perfect amount of pumpkin flavor totally elevated this comfort food to a whole new level. And now I’ve got a renewed respect for pumpkin spice flavoring.

5 stars                       

Kite Hill

Butternut Squash Ravioli, non-dairy recipe  

He Said: I’d be genuinely concerned if I was a dairy farmer. These companies keep getting better and better at making milk alternative products. The pasta was the exact right consistency without using eggs as a binder, and the filling was delicate, smooth and sweet. These don’t even need sauce. We used olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and they were delectable.

4 stars

She Said:  You have no idea how excited I was upon finding dairy-free ravioli! Finally! I wouldn’t say Kite Hill hit a home run here, but I did enjoy it. The squash was a little sweet and the almond milk ricotta was similar to dairy with a dry, grainy (but pleasant!) texture. A simple vegan butter garlic sauce rounded out the sweetness. Yum!

4 stars

Wildcraft Cider Works

Heart Beet Libation

He Said: Reviewing this was like walking up a beautiful hill only to find a landfill on the other side. I poured this into a goblet and marveled at the gorgeous magenta drink with fine champagne bubbles rising up. I raised the goblet to my lips and caught a whiff of apples and beets, and then I sipped a flavor that could only be described as a mixture of dirt and vinegar. You better really love beets if you’re going to try this one. 

1 star

She Said: The magenta color sure looked pretty in my wine glass (I know it’s a cider, but hey, life’s short – use the pretty glassware). But how this got past anyone’s palate is a mystery. Yes, I could taste the earthy beets mixed with apples, and oddly enough, sour pickle (what? Not an ingredient). I DO love Wildcraft’s philosophy, which includes a passion for land stewardship and using ingredients sustainably gathered in the wild. 

2 stars


Sweets & Apples Vegetable Chips

He Said:  Terra chips have been making tasty snacks for forever. I really like their original root vegetable chips, so I was expecting to like this sweet limited-edition bag. The apples in this bag ruined it for me though. They weren’t dried to a crunchy chip like the sweet potatoes, more like a fruit leather. I’m not normally bothered by food texture, but I just can’t do chips and fruit leather at the same time.

2 stars

She Said: The Terra company must have some masterful chefs on staff because I swear the sweet potato chips taste just like churros. Well, about a ton less sugar, and a little less cinnamon flavor, but it was hard to stop eating them. Good thing they’re yummy because the bag is about 90% sweet potato and 10% apples (which were chewy anyway). 

4 stars

High J Orchards

Organic Honeycrisp Chunky Applesauce

He Said: Honeycrisp apples are the best apples ever made. So, naturally, this should be the best applesauce ever made, right? Well, not exactly. High J made it a bit too chunky for me and I found the flavor a bit too bright and crisp. Maybe I’m an old-fashioned applesauce kind of guy.

3 stars

She Said:  I’m not used to chunky apples in my sauce, so that was weird. Tasted like straight-up pie filling, but cold, and not as sweet. Smooth applesauce is definitely the way to go. Let’s leave concoctions like this for apple crumbles, crisps and pies. Oooh, sounds like a delicious idea!

2 stars

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