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Building Culture Through Human Connection

Culture Crush and Culture First Event 

Do you ever feel like you are moving through the motions at work and not really connecting with the people there? You want to know them more and truly connect but you aren’t. Do you ever feel this same way when you are at a networking event? As if it is a competition for how many names and business cards you can share? 

Well Culture Crush Business and Culture First Phoenix have come together to bring you an evening about true connection with employees, teammates, and others both in and outside of the office. 

True connection with others helps good leaders to become the best leaders. 

Register and join us for this night of connection – and your first drink is on us! 

We will be led through an interactive and impactful networking portion with  Jen Burwell from Mother and Founder Co. before the speakers kick things off.
Then we will have the opportunity to hear from Culture Craig himself- Craig Forman with CultureAmp.

He is on the mission to help the world work better by improving the places we work. He is obsessed with how humans work, both individually and together in groups and he is going to share some of the tips and lessons with us.

Along with Craig, we will have the chance to hear from  Bobi Seredich with Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence. At SIEI, they have a proven approach to teaching EI skills that are immediately applied to business growth for influencers and leaders to connect confidently with each other in more meaningful and productive ways.

Building Culture Through Human Connection


Craig Forman with CultureAmp and Bobi Seredich with Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence 

Facilitated Networking with Jen Burwell from Mother and Founder Co

Register in advance to get your first drink on us!!

Registration Link: 


Reach out to our Event Facilitators with any questions: 

Kindra Maples with Culture Crush Business 

Alisha O’Hara with Culture First/VIXXO

Jessica Holsapple with Culture First/Next Level Growth 

“After Event” with Craig and Bobi 

Don’t forget! 

We are going to have a Live Podcast Recording with Craig and Bobi on the Culture Crush Business Podcast the day after the event. 

January 31st 

Podcast at 11 MST 

Live stream podcast – Check out the event posted on the Phoenix Business RadioX LinkedIn 
Listeners can write in to the show while it’s LIVE!

Kindra Maples
CEO / Founder & Podcast Host
Culture Crush Business LLC.
Ph: 520-225-9273 | kindra@culturecrushbusiness.com

Do we need to set up time on the calendar to chat? 

Check us out on social media and the web! 

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Dr. Jane Goodall

Hourly Schedule

Event Timeline:

From 5 pm - To 5:30 pm
From 5:30 pm - To 6:15 pm
Speakers and Announcements
From 6:15 pm - To 7:00 pm
Continued Networking


Jan 30 2023


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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