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Environmentalist Tik Tok Accounts to Follow Now

The app has proven to be a great source for environmental activism

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve avoided downloading that notorious little app, Tik Tok. If you’re also like me, you probably caved at some point and downloaded it anyway. Surprisingly, Tik Tok has proved itself to be a busy world of inspiring aesthetics and important information, packed into minute-long videos. With all the sub-genres of content types that can be found on Tik Tok, it’s no surprise that sustainability has found its niche within the app. 

With that, here are 4 environmentalist Tik Tok accounts that you need to check out right now.

Coconut_cracked: As fast fashion is a major component of the climate crisis, dressing sustainably holds a significant amount of power in mitigating the climate crisis. Activism melds into fashion inspiration on Masego Morgan’s account, Coconut_Cracked. Masego’s elite sense of fashion is rendered in lively and upbeat Tik Toks that encompass both the joys and importance of thrifting.  Masego uses her account to create bright and creative clips that provide inspiration for sustainable fashion and outfit ideas. If you’re looking for your new favorite sustainable fashion inspiration, be sure to check out Coconut_cracked. 


Plantawhisperer: Fueled by a passion for environmental justice, Jessica created Plantawhisperer as a space to educate others on sustainable living and intersectional environmental content. Jessica’s Tik Toks features vegan recipes, reproductive justice, and DIY tips that reject consumerism and instead foster sustainability. Jessica also has a YouTube channel that features longer content on living sustainably. And, she loves Hello Kitty. 


Octaviachill: Guerrilla gardener Octaviachill is your fix for sustainable and grassroots activism. Guerrilla gardening? What’s that you ask? Guerrilla gardening is the process of creating purposeful gardens in public places. From building biodiversity and communal self-sufficiency to being an outlet for mental health, guerrilla gardening can transform lifeless land into spaces that benefit all members of a community.  Based in the UK, where more than 4 out of 5 people live in urban areas, Octaviachill provides her followers with informative lessons on the social power guerrilla gardening has to offer, as well as videos about gardening sustainably, and plants that survive well in the climate they are planted in. Not on Tik Tok but want in on the fun? Guerrilla gardening kits can be purchased at www.dreamgreen.earth/shop


Eco_Tok: Simply put, Eco_Tok is a collaborative space in which different young environmentalists posts Tik Toks regarding a multitude of environmental issues. Ranging from eco-friendly date ideas to informative facts about microplastics, Eco_Talk is the perfect landing ground for anyone interested in staying educated about the environment.

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